Shonda Rhimes, creator of the hit ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy,” shook things up quite literally during tonight’s Season 11 installment titled “I Feel The Earth Move.” Episode 15 began on an intense note with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) cautiously operating on a patient. But it was Jo’s (Camilla Luddington) attentiveness while watching the surgery that caught our eyes -- and Stephanie’s (Jerrika Hinton), too!

Steph questioned why the resident was studying Meredith like a hawk. And as it turned out, it was because Meredith was on a “lucky streak.” According to Jo, Mer hasn’t lost the life of a single patient since November. “She’s pitching a no hitter!” Stephanie excitedly exclaimed.

But don’t these girls know anything about jinxing? Right after they proclaimed Meredith’s success, an earthquake hit, shaking the entire OR. Meredith held on to her patient for dear life as the floor wobbled beneath her.

The earthquake caused just as much damage outside as it did in Grey Sloan. Following the disaster, injured patients flooded the hospital, ranging from quake-caused sex injuries to skiing accidents. But it was the daunting call that kept ringing that proved to be the worst scenario of all.

A young girl named Ruby dialed the hospital’s number after 9-1-1 proved to be busy. The child explained to Owen (Kevin McKidd), who answered the call, that her mother had fell from a chair in their cabin located in the mountains.

“Now she’s on the floor,” the little girl said, adding that her mother was barely breathing.

Due to the earthquake, Grey Sloan was filled with more loud noises than normal. So, Owen was forced to face his biggest opponent yet: technology. “I better not screw this up,” he said, attempting to transfer the call to a quieter section of the hospital. Luckily for the little girl, Owen managed to not disconnect the call, which was unable to be traced.

After requesting Ruby to place the phone to her mother’s mouth, which was reportedly turning blue, Owen concluded that her mother wasn’t getting enough air. He instructed her to try check the back of her throat for blockage and attempt the Heimlich maneuver -- but none of that seemed to help Ruby’s mom. That’s when Owen announced Ruby’s last option was to release the trapped air.

“I don’t want to ask her to do this,” he said, knowing there was no other way to save Ruby’s mother. Owen then calmly asked the little girl if she could get one of the skewer sticks that she and her mom used to make S’mores with during their mountain getaway.

“Oh, God. You want me to stick this in her, don’t you?” the girl cried. Ruby then bravely followed the directions of the doctors gathered around the phone, sticking the skewer underneath her mother’s rib to release the air.

“She’s breathing -- a lot!” Ruby said. But a moment later the child noticed her mother’s lips were turning blue again and that her pulse couldn’t be detected.

Owen told Ruby that she would need to keep her mother alive through CPR. He then taught her to push on her mother’s chest to the beat of the song “Staying Alive.” While singing with Ruby, April (Sarah Drew) revealed that help was on its way after locating Ruby’s whereabouts. However, it was unknown how long it would be until the aircraft would arrive to whisk them away to a hospital. Owen told Ruby to keep pushing until the helicopter arrived, staying on the dying phone with her until the battery depleted.

Meanwhile, Meredith’s lucky streak continued during episode 15. After her patient went in cardiac arrest, she was able to revive him with the pound of her fist.

“Magical,” Jo said astonished.

After stabilizing the skier, Meredith brought him into the OR to perform another flawless surgery. It was during the operation that she started talking about Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to Alex (Justin Chambers), who claimed MerDer was in a rut. Feeling a little annoyed, Meredith then called out Alex, the King of failed relationships, regarding his romantic mishaps.

Following her joke (which Jo didn’t find too amusing) Meredith became rather serious, explaining that her life shouldn’t be revolved around Derek and that she was accepting of their long distance relationship.

“OK, fine. You have a happy marriage with no husband,” Alex said, clearly wanting to drop the subject.

While Alex concluding the discussing of Meredith’s alleged failing relationship, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) seemed to be igniting hers after running into a handsome Radiologist. But it wasn’t until their second encounter did the new, hot doc ask Maggie out.

“You seem really tall -- uh, nice," she said before turning him down.

“He’s not my type!” Maggie told Callie (Sarah Ramirez) of why she decided not to grab a drink with the stunning doctor. “I don’t date at work.” Attempting to rectify her snobbish behavior, Maggie elaborated on why she denied the date. “It’s not because he’s a radiologist. I don’t date,” she started, adding that a gap had formed when she was younger between her and “most people.” “But the gap got bigger and more impossible.”

Maggie thought she was “too different” to date and tried to convince Callie she was fine being “lonely.” But Callie was quick to call her out. “There’s nothing to lose! It’s just you being scared,” she said. “Life’s too short to be scared. Screw the gap.”

After a little push from Callie, Maggie decided to take the new doctor up on his offer for a date.

Episode 15 concluded on a bittersweet note. After the doctors waited by the phone, hoping little Ruby would call -- they heard a ring. Next thing audiences know there’s a helicopter on the roof with Ruby and her mother. Amelia immediately took the mother into surgery, leaving Ruby to wait behind with Owen. But she couldn’t have had a better person to be by her side during her mother's operation.

“You were perfect,” Owen told Ruby while holding the blood-soaked child in his arms. After hours of surgery, Amelia announced to the anxious little girl that her mother was going to be OK. But of course, “Grey’s Anatomy” rarely ends on an uplifting note. Instead viewers watched the episode finish with Meredith performing another surgery.

“Streak’s alive,” Jo said under her breath after the successful operation. But Meredith heard Alex’s girlfriend's comment, which is when Jo was forced to explain herself. “You’re magic!” she said to the surgeon, adding that Meredith has had 89 successful surgeries in a row since November 14. That’s when Meredith scrubbed out.

She explained to Alex that November 14 is the day that Derek left for Washington D.C. “What does that tell you? That I’m better off without him?” she questioned. Meredith noted that her career is soaring with Derek gone and she now knows her “amazing” self outside her marriage. But despite her success, she still wants to share her victories with her husband, which is when she decided to call him.

After dialing Derek's number a woman answered his phone.

“Who is this?” Meredith asked over and over again before getting hung up on.

Did Derek just cheat on Meredith? Sound off in the comments sections below with your thoughts about tonight’s installment of “Grey’s Anatomy.”