Looks like Penny (Samantha Sloyan) wasn’t the only one who had a rough, first day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. During episode 6 of "Grey’s Anatomy" Season 12, a hot new doctor named Nathan (Martin Henderson) made his way to the Seattle hospital. And while we were excited to see a fresh -- not to mention handsome -- face strolling down the white halls of Grey Sloan, not everyone greeted the scruffy surgeon with a warm welcome.

After bringing an orphaned boy (that he and April [Sarah Drew] met while in Jordan) to the hospital for a major surgery, Nathan stepped outside for some air. That’s when Owen (Kevin McKidd) spotted the blue-eyed doctor wandering about. He asked Nathan what he was doing at Grey Sloan, implying that he must have knew the doctor from way back when -- perhaps during his stint in the military. Nathan told him about the boy with the tumors, which is when Owen barked at him to leave the hospital as soon as the surgery was complete.

In October, McKidd revealed to TVLine that “somebody comes along during the season from Owen’s past” who will turn the red-headed doctor’s life upside down. The actor noted that this person, which we know can safely assume is Nathan, “ignites a lot of things in Owen and causes real problems for him.” We can't wait to watch their past unfold in the upcoming episode!

But Owen and Nathan’s mysterious feud won’t be the only thing going down in the forthcoming installment, titled “Something Against You.” The synopsis for episode 7 of the hit ABC series teases that a “team of doctors will work on a high stakes case of a long time patient, adding additional pressure to an already tense environment.”

Meanwhile, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) will urge Ben (Jason George) to kick their new roomie, Jackson (Jesse Williams), out of their house. (Jackson started living there after he and April split up.) Lastly, fans can expect Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) to get back into the dating scene -- with a new wingman!

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.