Will Meredith and Maggie butt heads in Season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy”? That’s what fans were left questioning after it was revealed during the Season 12 finale of the hit ABC medical drama that the two surgeons were vying over the same doctor. Talk about McScandalous!

But Caterina Scorsone, who portrays Amelia — the sister of both Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) — thinks that the two ladies will play the “sisters before misters” card instead of fighting over Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), the handsome, Grey Sloan newcomer.

“I don’t think that they’ll necessarily be at odds,” Scorsone told Entertainment Weekly, predicting what would happen when “Grey’s Anatomy” returns with Season 13 in the fall. “It’s possible that they’ll both try and accommodate one another.”

In the final episode of Season 12, which focused around Amelia and Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) wedding, Maggie revealed to her sister/fellow bridesmaid that she had a crush on Riggs and that she thought he was crushing, too. Maggie was right. Riggs was vibing on Ellis Grey’s (Kate Burton) daughter … just not her youngest one.

In episode 23, fans watched as Meredith and Riggs bonded over the loss in their lives, which prompted the two to lock lips before slipping into the backseat of Meredith’s car. But will Meredith give up what she has with Riggs to spare the feelings of her sister? Scorsone sure thinks so! She also believes that her character will do “whatever she can” to ease the pain that either of her sisters might feel, which the actress teased will make for a great storyline.

“Right now, Amelia doesn’t know about either of their situations with Riggs, so that will be something really fun to explore next year — how she’s going to find out about Meredith and how she’s going to find out about Maggie, and how they’re going to deal with it,” she stated. And according to McCreary, her character isn’t going to “deal with it” very well.

“I think she’s going to be crushed. Genuinely crushed,” the actress spoke about the Season 13 love triangle to TVLine in May. McCreary added that her hopeless romantic of a character will be “heartbroken” when she learns another chance for love slipped through her fingers.

Although Scorsone doesn’t think Maggie and Meredith will go to war over a boy, McCreary contemplated what would happen if the sisters did battle it out. “I guess the question is, does she value her relationship with Meredith more than she values her desire to find love and does she believe that Riggs is the right match for her?”

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