“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 Spoilers
Debbie Allen, who portrays Catherine Weber on “Grey’s Anatomy,” teased some steamy details about Season 13. ABC

“Grey’s Anatomy” will return with an all-new season this fall. And according to Debbie Allen, who portrays Catherine Weber on the hit ABC series, fans won’t want to miss out on the sizzling Season 13 premiere of the beloved medical drama.

While celebrating a month before the air date of the forthcoming installment, ABC released a celebratory gif that featured all the beloved Grey Sloan surgeons dancing it out. Allen retweeted the joyous clip, adding her own flair to the festive post: “Ayyyeee!!! Let’s go #GreysAnatomy! It’s gonna be HOT!” she teased on Twitter.

But just how “hot” will episode 1 be? Well, Allen, who also directed the Season 13 premiere, recently unveiled the title of episode 1 on Instagram: “Undo.” Fans theorized that the title could be hinting at a potential rekindling of April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) relationship — and perhaps their reunion will be a steamy one!

However, “Grey’s Anatomy” is well known for bringing outrageous chaos to the small screen. It’s possible that Allen’s description of the Season 13 premiere could be quit literal, meaning episode 1 may feature a blazing fire. After all, what’s a Shonda Rhimes series without a little heat?

It was revealed that the forthcoming drama will focus around the original characters of “Grey’s Anatomy” — those who scrubbed in for Season 1, episode 1 of the series like Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Alex (Justin Chambers), Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Weber (James Pickens Jr.).

“After such a long period of time and so many new people coming in and out, they remain the foundational characters of the show,” Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie on the series, told TV Guide. “We’re gonna be spending some more time with them to check in with where they are. The way that we spent time with Meredith last season, exploring the major shift in her life, the loss of Derek (Patrick Dempsey), I think we can expect to see those doctors being explored where they are in this moment, all these years later, the changes that they’ve gone through.”

Perhaps the “hot” Season 13 storyline will have something to do with the steamy plotlines of our favorite originals.

“Grey’s Anatomy” will return with its Season 13 premiere Thursday, Sept. 22, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.