Paging Dr. Karev! You’re needed for another season!

Justin Chambers, who plays the fan favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” character Alex Karev, confirmed that the beloved pediatric surgeon will return for Season 13 of the hit ABC series.

Chambers announced the exciting news on Twitter after a fan asked him whether he would be making his way to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for the show’s 13th installment.

Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama was renewed for another season on March 3 (along with the creator’s other two TGIT programs; “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder”).

“We’re very proud of our strong roster of performers, and we’re excited about what they will bring us creatively next season,” Channing Dungey, the network’s newest president, spoke of the “Grey’s Anatomy” renewal in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

But we can’t exactly say we’re surprised. In May 2015, ABC’s former chief Paul Lee revealed to reporters in that the network would continue to renew the series as long as Rhimes had a story to tell — and according to Lee, she’s got a couple tales left for the Grey Sloan gang.

“She has great plans for [Season 12] and many years beyond,” he said, adding that he “would like to see [“Grey’s Anatomy”] run for many, many years to come.”

Same, Lee. Same!

"Grey's Anatomy" is currently airing its Season 12 Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.