Not even 5,000 miles could break this “Grey’s Anatomy” bond. According to reports, Cristina (Sarah Oh), who packed her bags for Switzerland at the end of Season 10, did fly back to Seattle when she learned Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) husband had died.

Kevin McKidd, who portrays Cristina’s ex-husband Owen on the hit ABC series, confirmed the news during an interview with TVLine. The actor revealed that while Mer’s person did attend Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) funeral, it was understandable why some viewers might have thought Cristina bailed on the burial.

“I presume Sandra was busy and unavailable for that episode, which was the only reason why [a body double was used],” McKidd dished to the outlet, revealing that a stunt double was used to portray Cristina.

During Derek’s funeral, viewers spotted a voluminous haired-woman consoling Mer at the cemetery. But because the face of the mysterious brunette was never unveiled to the audience, fans questioned if the unidentified character was Derek’s sister Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) or intended to represent Cristina.

“That funeral sequence was meant to imply that Cristina was obviously there for Meredith,” McKidd revealed. “Her presence was felt.”

Oh, who exited the series after 10 seasons, explained to the Hollywood Reporter in 2014 that she wasn’t opposed to returning to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital during the show’s final episodes.

“We talked about that when I told [‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes] I was going to leave,” Oh recalled the discussion she had with the executive producer, “but we haven’t talked about it again.”

The actress continued to state that she would want her return “to happen without pressure.”

“I told [Rhimes], ‘If you guys want to finish it out however you want to finish it out, I’d be more than happy to come back. And if it doesn’t fit in that way, I totally understand. I just want you to know that I’m available.’”

"Grey's Anatomy" will air its Season 12 midseason premiere on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.