A scene from Rockstar's "GTA 5"

Rockstar Games, the developer of the newly released “Grand Theft Auto 5," advises players to avoid installing the “play” disc that comes with the Xbox 360 version.

The Xbox 360 version of “GTA 5” comes with two discs, one required for installation to an Xbox 360 hard drive and another used for play.

According to the Rockstar Games support site, the install disc is the only disc that should be installed “for optimal performance.”

Rockstar Games’ Twitter account advises the same thing, explaining that additional information about the requirement would be out after the “GTA 5” launch date. Despite the lack of detailed explanation by Rockstar Games, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry may have found an explanation for the advisory.

A video released by Digital Foundry found that installing both discs onto the Xbox 360 hard drive causes notable loading and streaming issues, with objects and textures popping into a scene at a slow and delayed rate.

While the problem isn't necessarily game-breaking, the video shows that the game makes heavy use of texture and object streaming, which may be the reason for the separate gameplay disc.

However, Digital Foundry did find that installing the “play” disc for “GTA 5” to a USB flash drive eliminated performance issues that were found when both discs were installed to an Xbox 360 hard drive, as seen in the video below.

Unlike the PlayStation 3 (PS3) version of “GTA 5,” the Xbox 360 version is currently available only as a physical copy and not an Xbox Live download.

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