• Rockstar Games released a new teaser for an upcoming "GTA Online" content
  • The teaser seemed to suggest one of the rumored locations for "GTA 6"
  • Rockstar has yet to confirm the existence of "Grand Theft Auto 6"

“Grand Theft Auto 6” is one of the highly anticipated and heavily speculated titles from Rockstar Games. What makes it more interesting is that game developer Rockstar has not yet confirmed the existence of the game. However, a new report claims that the game developer may have hinted at the setting of the much-awaited iteration to the famous “Grand Theft Auto” series.

One of the rumors about “Grand Theft Auto 6” that has been continuously popping up online is that the upcoming installment will be set in Vice City as well as in South America. Rumors have it that “GTA 6” will be set in multiple areas with South America and Vice City as two major locations. Most of these speculations suggested that the upcoming game installment will take place across several locations and will focus around the drug trade and cartels beginning in the 1980s.

Recently, Rockstar Games shared on Twitter the teaser of the Casino Heist content for “Grand Theft Auto Online.” The teaser previewed the map of the world or at least that of the Western Hemisphere. The globe only appears for a brief second, however, for whatever reason, the South American continent lit up, reports Comicbook. But, the site also downplays that it could be just nothing, maybe just a coincidence or Rockstar Games trolling fans.

The same observation was pointed out by a Reddit user who claimed that the teaser could be a hint about one of the locations of “Grand Theft Auto 6.” But, it is just a speculation because nowhere in the teaser was “GTA 6” mentioned. However, even if it is just speculation, it does not prevent fans from talking about it.

It is interesting how fans would speculate about “Grand Theft Auto 6” probably because of the lack of official announcement coming from Rockstar Games. At the time of this writing, the game developer has not officially confirmed the existence of “GTA 6.” But, the general assumption is that the game is currently in the works. Rumors have it that Rockstar Games is working on “Grand Theft Auto 6” for the next generation gaming consoles, namely PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.