• The parent company of "GTA" developer Rockstar Games filed a new patent
  • Patent reveals a new system that makes video game maps a lot bigger
  • Players could host separate online sessions within the same map

"GTA 6" could soon feature a new revolutionary system that seamlessly allows players to move around an expansive map.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of "Grand Theft Auto" developer Rockstar Games, has filed a patent that makes video game maps a lot bigger. The patent reveals the system will allow players to host separate online sessions within the same map.

Published on Feb. 24, the said patent outlines a revolutionary system that enables developers to switch players between online sessions seamlessly without the need for a loading screen. With this system, gamers could go from one area to another, not see any loading screen, and have the illusion that the map is quite large.

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Game developers could divide the in-game map into various sessions with hundreds of players at the same time while providing a cohesive gaming experience.

The patent, titled "System and Method for Session Management in a Multiplayer Network Gaming Environment," explains that it "allows dynamic movement of players in a virtual world during gameplay without unnecessary loading and/or stalling."

It further says, "As the players in the virtual world move around, the management of active game sessions can be improved to effect a more realistic perceived population." This way, the team could make the map appear more populated than what the multiplayer session could handle.

Unfortunately, the patent does not say which game under Take-Two Interactive would use this new system.

Some fans believe Rockstar Games had to come up with this new game-changing system because the map of the next" GTA" installment is extensive.

However, if this accurately applies to "GTA 6," it significantly supports earlier rumors of the upcoming game featuring multiple locations, including a place in South America and Vice City.

Rockstar Games has already confirmed that the next "Grand Theft Auto" installment is "well underway" but did not offer a definitive date for its release or reveal its official name.

While this leak appears interesting, it is worth noting that this is not officially confirmed to be connected to "GTA 6." Fans should temper their expectations and take this report as highly speculative at this stage.