• "GTA 6" is a highly anticipated title from Rockstar Games
  • The gaming studio has not yet said anything about the game
  • Fans recently discovered Rockstar Games has muted the phrase "GTA 6" on its official YouTube channel

American video game developer Rockstar Games has reportedly muted comments about "GTA 6" on its official YouTube channel, but that doesn't stop the rumors from floating online, with the latest one claiming that the game will be officially announced in November.

The new information about the highly anticipated but unannounced "GTA 6" game came from the Instagram news page ThatSoBold. A post on the page said the game would be announced sometime between November and December of this year.

It also revealed some details about the upcoming game's map, including its size, which is reportedly three times bigger than its predecessor's.

GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out
GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out IBTimes / Jeff Li

The game is set in Miami and will feature hurricanes, alligators and a lot more.

"GTA 6 will be Announced Nov-Dec & Will Take Place in Miami Featuring Hurricanes, Gators, and MORE," the post revealed. "News Sources are confirming that GTA 6 will be Announced and Teased with a Trailer starting November through December, will be 3 Times bigger than #GTA5 Map."

The game's map is rumored to be the same as that of Epic Games' "Fortnite." The map would reportedly change over time because Rockstar Games would release updates.

"#GTA6 Map will change overtime with Updates from Rockstar similar to Epic Games (Fortnite) Map," the news page noted. The new details about "GTA 6" are interesting, but they are not official.

Rockstar Games seemed to have had enough of fans' calls for "GTA 6." Twitter user Not_StrangeMan said comments related to the unannounced game failed to appear on the gaming studio's YouTube channel.

Moreover, comments on "GTA 6" did not appear even below some of the recent videos posted on the channel, including the much-disliked "GTA 5: Enhanced Edition" trailer.

Rockstar Games has not yet said anything about this new setup on its YouTube channel.