• The feature will mean a massive advancement in creating a true open-gate world
  • It will reportedly be available in "GTA 6"
  • Rockstar Games remains mum on the heavily rumored title

While fans continue to wonder when Rockstar Games would finally announce the highly anticipated game "GTA 6," a new piece of information has surfaced online, offering details about one of the heavily rumored game's features that may have been taken from one of the gaming studio's canceled titles.

A new claim emerged very recently, stating that "GTA 6" would use one of the features from the rumored canceled game "Bully 2." Over the past few months, speculations about the sequel of "Bully" have been rife online, with some claiming that Rockstar Games has greenlit the project. Meanwhile, others believe the game has been canned for being too ambitious.

While there is no way fans would know how ambitious the said project truly is, an interview with one of Rockstar Games' developers confirmed that the gaming studio plans to allow players to enter every building in the game. Apparently, this feature is believed to be in the unannounced "GTA 6."

GTA Online: The Contract
In the years since he and his accomplices knocked over the Union Depository, renowned Los Santos hustler Franklin Clinton has been making moves of his own. YouTube Screenshot/Rockstar Games Official YouTube Account

More details about this scrapped "Bully 2" feature were shared online by an industry insider who goes by the name Tez2. On the GTA Forums, the tipster said fans might be able to enjoy the feature, which allows players to get inside any building in "GTA 6."

"They definitely had interesting ideas and a functional vertical slice, but faced issues with certain mechanics that would require more effort and a great budget for a game that may not be as successful as GTA," the insider noted. "Since then, Rockstar has talked about how the tools have improved since GTA V's release under RDR2 development and will be improved even more under GTA 6 development too."

"The next upgrade, I could think of, for GTA 6 would be allowing us to access most if not all buildings or interiors we could see, but with the similar scale of open-world you could expect from a GTA game. The same selling point, but with a franchise that would definitely sell and a bigger scale of course," the insider added.

If this feature would really be available in "GTA 6," it would mean a massive advancement in creating a true open-world game. However, it would also be a major undertaking considering the size of the game's map.