'GTA Online' is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Rockstar

"GTA Online," the popular multiplayer component of "Grand Theft Auto V," experienced widespread server outages Tuesday, players reported. According to DownDetector, the servers experienced hiccups starting early Tuesday morning, which increased and persisted through the early afternoon.

'GTA Online' servers suffered outages on Jan. 2, 2018. DownDetector

Several players tweeted at Rockstar's official support Twitter account to try and get assistance with the problem, which has not been identified by Rockstar yet. Players reported crashing and the game not saving progress.

Although "Grand Theft Auto V" launched all the way back in 2013, it has persisted as a top-selling game on a monthly basis because of the astounding popularity of "GTA Online." In November, publisher Take-Two reported "Grand Theft Auto V" had sold 85 million units, making it one of the greatest selling video games of all time. Since the game never got any expanded single-player downloadable content, those sales can mostly be attributed to the game's constantly expanding multiplayer component. "GTA Online" is consistently one of the most-played multiplayer games.

The mode allows players to create their own characters and roam around the single player game's large open world map, completing missions with friends to build up their criminal empires. There are businesses to manage, swanky penthouses to buy and luxury cars to own and customize. In December, "GTA Online" got a large, ambitious free update called "Doomsday Heist," which added three new cooperative heist missions and outlandish gadgets, like a jetpack.

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