Grand Theft Auto
A new update for “GTA Online” is currently rolling out. Reuters/Mike Blake

Rockstar has rolled out its first 2018 update for “Grand Theft Auto Online.” The update is headlined by the addition of classic sports car Annis Savestra, so it does not come as a surprise that the update goes by the same name as the new vehicle. Apart from the new vehicle, Rockstar has also added new ways to earn rewards and introduced new discounts on certain vehicles.

When “GTA Online” fans jump back into the game this week, they’ll be introduced to the highly customizable mean machine that’s now available for $990,000 on the game’s Legendary Motorsport. For players who are interested in getting the Annis Savestra, they should know that the new vehicle can be upgraded and weaponized in Vehicle Workshop.

The latest “GTA Online” update also adds a new Adversary Mode called Slashers. In this mode, which will be accessible until Jan. 8, players can earn Double GTA$ & RP. Rockstar teases that when in Slashers mode, players will get paid to do some crazy stuff like bludgeoning a Shotgun-wielding clown in the face using a flashlight. The other Adversary Mode, called Occupy, is also accessible until Jan. 8. Just like in Slashers, playing this mode will give players more GTA$ Rewards & RP.

Rockstar is also offering discounts on certain vehicles. “What better time than the New Year to pick up a fresh ride? Now through January 8th, we’re offering significant discounts on a wide array of vehicles for aerial assaults, speedy getaways, and weaponized ground support perfect for making short work of any Heist mission foe,” the developer said on its website.

The vehicle discounts to check out are as follows:

  • 50% off Mobile Operations Center Cabs
  • 30% off the Coil Cyclone (Super)
  • 30% off the Grotti Visione (Super)
  • 25% off the Ocelot Ardent (Weaponized Vehicle)
  • 25% off the FH-1 Hunter (Helicopter - both Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • 25% off the P-45 Nokota (Plane - both Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • 25% off the HVY APC (Weaponized Vehicle - both Buy It Now & Trade Price)

“GTA Online” fans should also check out the new Premium Race called “Duel,” which is locked to Muscle Cars, and the new Time Trial called “Up N Atom.” Just like the new modes, the Premium Race and Time Trial are also scheduled to run until Jan. 8.

To enter the Premium Race, players will have to launch Duel via the Quick Job App in their in-game phone or through the yellow corona at Legion Square. Meanwhile, players should set a waypoint to the marker on the in-game map and use the purple corona to enter Time Trial. The former will give players GTA$ and Triple RP, while the latter offers standard rewards.