An ABC-Washington Post poll indicated Monday most Americans support expanded background checks for gun buyers and allowing police to seize weapons from troubled individuals – and that support crosses party and demographic lines.

More of those polled said they trust Democrats over President Trump when it comes to handling gun laws, 51% to 36%, with independents siding with Democrats by a 17-point margin. Nine percent of those polled said they didn’t trust anyone to handle the issue.

The poll came following a series of mass shootings last month that left dozens dead and injured in El Paso and Odessa, Texas, and Dayton Ohio.

Democrats and gun-control activists have been pushing for new federal restrictions. Trump initially expressed support for action but later back tracked after a 30-minute phone call from National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre. Afterward, Trump told reporters he thinks Democrats would repeal the Second Amendment.

Trump said last week a package of proposals would be offered targeting the mentally ill. In February, the House approved two bills expanding federal background checks, but Trump has indicated he would veto both should the Senate ever take action approving them.

The poll indicated 89% of Americans support background checks for all gun buyers, 96% among Democrats, 90% among independents and 83% among Republicans. Eighty-six percent said they supported seizure of guns from people found dangerous by a judge and 60% said they supported a ban on ammunition clips with more than 10 bullets. Fifty-six percent said they supported a ban on the sale of assault weapons, including 81% of Democrats, 55% of independents and 33% of Republicans.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors last week labeled the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.

"The NRA has done more to perpetuate and create a sick gun violence epidemic terrorizing our country. They buy out politicians, prevent common sense gun violence legislation, prevent gun violence research and tell us and everybody that it's video games, movies or mental illness," said Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who introduced the resolution following a mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival July 28 that left three people dead.

"The NRA exists to spread disinformation and knowingly puts weapons into the hands of those who harm and terrorize us by blocking commonsense gun violence prevention legislation and by advocating for dangerous legislation like 'stand your ground' laws, permit-less carries and guns in schools."

The NRA’s response to the two mass shootings in Texas was a “personal protection expo” in Fort Worth, a three-day event earlier this month that included 120 seminars.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last week issued eight executive orders he said would help prevent mass shootings by having police focus on reports of suspicious activity. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a gun-rights advocate, told the Dallas Morning News he’s willing to defy the NRA, favoring expanded background-check laws involving private firearms sales between strangers.

NRA Poll finds strong support across party lines for expanded firearms background checks. Photo: Patrick Feller/Flickr