Monday night was the semifinals episode of “The Voice” and emotions were everywhere. During this episode, contestants had to choose a song from the 80s. Gwen Stefani could not keep her cool and broke down in tears after her contestant, Rose Short, sang “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner.

When it was Stefani’s turn to give her feedback she admitted to the host, Carson Daly, that she wasn’t ready yet because she couldn’t stop crying.

“I’m not ready. Oh my god, I’m crying,” Stefani told Daly before ultimately giving feedback. “That was unbelievable. I’m so in awe of you. I’m so honored to work with you.”

Then Stefani was ready for the cameras to not be on her anymore. “Cut the cameras!” she said. “Oh my gosh.”

Even Kelly Clarkson got a little choked up from Short’s performance and helped Stefani to not feel embarrassed for showing her true emotions.

“It was moving, that’s why you’re crying,” Clarkson said to Stefani.

Clarkson then turned her attention to Short by saying: “I don’t care what happens on this show, you are so blessed. ”

Twitter could not hold back from tweeting about Stefani’s raw moment.

“Crying tonight showed you are human and have a heart. You’re beautiful no matter what my dear” one person tweeted.

“I’m thinking best Voice performance of all time. She had me crying,” another person said.

“@TheVoiceABCSBN I’m crying about Rose. I’ve never cried because of this show before and normally I don’t cry during that song but her rendition hit my heart and soul like a fiery arrow. If Rose doesn’t win I will RIOT. @gwenstefani crying too I can’t even,” someone else tweeted.

Short performed twice during the semifinals. She teamed up with Katie Kadan from John Legend’s team and performed “Express Yourself” by Madonna.

Don’t miss the top eight eliminations episode airing Tuesday on NBC at 8 p.m. EST.

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Pictured is Gwen Stefani on the 2019 season of "The Voice." Trae Patton/NBC