“Used To Love You” singer Gwen Stefani was rumored to be pregnant with her boyfriend Blake Shelton’s baby, but she might have inadvertently put the kibosh on that rumor when a fan shot a video of the couple at vineyards in Southern California on Monday.

The video shows Stefani, 46, placing her hand on Shelton’s behind. The singer catches the amateur paparazzo, but doesn’t mind the fan filmed her touching her boyfriend’s derriere. In fact, she goes back for a second grab. Shelton seemingly soothes Stefani and rubs her back as she leans into him.

The couple reportedly enjoyed vino at Mosby Winery in Santa Barbara, California. “We have a lineup of Italian wines and they tasted about six wines, including the Pinot Grigio and the San Geoves. The Cortese was Gwen’s favorite so Blake bought two bottles,” manager Louise Smith told Hollywood Life in an exclusive report Tuesday.

The manager helped inform the star of NBC's “The Voice” about the wine: “They were very friendly and interested and I was able to educate them on wines. They didn’t seem to know a lot about wines but obviously they have other priorities.”

Though it still could be possible that Stefani is pregnant, a Los Angeles doctor said it was highly unlikely. “The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the period most sensitive to the effect of alcohol on the developing fetus. A woman should not drink any alcohol in the first trimester,” Dr. Vince Bennet told Hollywood Life on Tuesday. “It increases the rates of miscarriage, premature birth and a list of other developmental risks as well.”

Though Shelton, 39, doesn’t have any children, Stefani shares three boys with her ex-husband, Bush singer Gavin Rossdale. Her sons will reportedly spend New Year’s Eve with their father while Stefani parties with her lover.

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