Newly leaked video sheds more light on what may have happened to a girl who told police she was raped by Steubenville, Ohio, high school football players in August. The 12-minute video was released Wednesday by Knight Sec, a cell of the Anonymous hacker group, and it shows teens on the night of the alleged rape laughing over the incident and joking that the 16-year-old girl was so drunk that she appeared to be dead.

The case started receiving national attention last month when the New York Times published a lengthy report probing the investigation that began when star football players Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond were accused of kidnapping and raping the girl, who attended a different school. Prosecutors say the two players, both 16 at the time, victimized the girl and held her against her will while dragging her from party to party.

The allegations became even more scandalous when it became known that fellow partygoers tweeted pictures of the girl being carried by members of the football team while she was clearly incapacitated. Friends of Mays and Richmond later told police the two penetrated the girl with their fingers while she was unconscious in the back seat of a car.

Steubenville High School football coaches, when questioned, dismissed the charges, claiming they didn’t “do the Internet” and that the girl was making up the story to explain her own behavior that night. Police and school administrators in Steubenville, where “football is king,” have been accused of a cover-up.  

Michael Nodianos, a former Steubenville High School baseball player, has been connected to the case since the beginning, with Deadspin reporting that his tweets have been especially helpful to investigators trying to make a timeline of the night in quesiton. In the video leaked by Knight Sec, Nodianos appears to be intoxicated while discussing his recollections.

“They peed on her,” Nodianos says at one point in the video. “That’s how you know she’s dead, because someone pissed on her.”

He also compares the girl’s state to the murdered Nicole Brown Simpson, the woman raped by boxer Mike Tyson and the male-on-male rape scene in the movie “Pulp Fiction,” among other heinous crimes. When asked, “What if that was your daughter?” he responded, “But it isn’t.”  

“Trent and Ma'lik raped someone,” declares another partygoer not caught on camera.

Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty said he was aware of the video and released a statement to when it became public on Wednesday. It reads:

“The Steubenville Police Department has been aware of this recent video that was released. Since late August 2012 the subject who made the video was interviewed. This has all been turned over to the prosecutors, which are the Ohio Attorney General's Office, who is prosecuting this case. It's always been the policy of the Steubenville Police Department not to make comments on details of a case prior to it going to trial. I know this is frustrating for some. I can't change that now, as you know this is a high-profile case and for the parties interested I believe I should not make a comment on it because I can't make a comment on it. It's being handled by an outside agency.”

This video is not the first time hackers have published information about people connected with the case. Knight Sec, working with other Anonymous hackers, took over a fan site dedicated to the Steubenville football team and demanded anyone involved come forward and apologize for their actions.

When that didn’t happen, Knight Sec released “The Steubenville Files” on Local Leaks, a takedown of many of the individuals involved in the alleged cover-up.