• It is a close game between Black Jackals and Adlers
  • "Haikyuu!!" chapter 394 will continue the match between Adlers and Black Jackals
  • Adlers are giving a tough fight in the match

Korai Hoshiumi is expected to shine in the upcoming “Haikyuu!!” chapter 393. Meanwhile, the gap between Black Jackles and Schweiden Adlers is closing in in “Haikyuu!!” Chapter 394.

This article contains spoilers for “Haikyuu!!” manga.

In chapter 393 of “Haikyuu!!” manga, the chapter opens with a scene of Hoshiumi and Hirugami, and there is a letter of acceptance with Hirugami’s name on it.

Meanwhile, the match continues with Black Jackals leading the game with 18 points and Schweiden Adlers trailing with 14 points.

After Bokuto’s spectacular form on the court, Adlers will have to bring out their ‘A’ game to make a solid comeback.

It is time for that giant serve again from Miya Atsumu. Hoshiumi takes the receive. Later, Hirugami manages to dodge the hit from the opponent.

Meanwhile, the game stands at Black Jackals at 20 and Adlers at 18.

The new rotation brings Hoshiumi closer to the net. He is aware that the biggest weapon for short players is to block out. He thought that he could compete with his returning skills for being short, and height isn’t the problem for someone who polishes his skills.

He remembers his time with Hirugami and remembers that no one dies if he makes a mistake on the court. He enjoys doing what he is doing, and there will be struggles. He motivates himself that he won’t have to stand anywhere, even if he fails to put the shot in.

But, Hoshiumi strikes, and it is a mighty aggressive strike.

At the last moment, he changed to a strike. The sports journalist knows that his spike skills are impressive and can be compared to the best ones in the game.

Towards the end of “Haikyuu!!” chapter 393, the journalist reveals that she is following Hoshiumi for six years, and she knows that being small can have some disadvantages, but it can never make things impossible.

“Haikyuu!!” chapter 394 starts with Black Jackals at 20 and Adlers at 19. The game is getting intense as Adlers are giving a tough fight to the Black Jackals. 

“Haikyuu!!” chapter 394 is scheduled to release Sunday (May 24). Fans can read the new “Haikyuu!!” manga chapters online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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