Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas is starting to wind down, but it’s not over yet. The network premieres “Christmas Getaway,” starring Travis Van Winkle and Bridget Regan, tonight (Dec. 23), and it’s sure to be the perfect holiday weekend treat.

The premiere is going to be quite the event for both viewers and the cast, as it’s Van Winkle’s first Hallmark movie, which makes him officially part of the family. Regan is only one ahead of him since she joined the family in 2015 with her movie “Magic Stocking” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. This is her first film on the Hallmark Channel, though, and it sounds like the perfect debut on the network for both of them.

“Worldly travel writer Emory Blake (Regan) breaks up with her boyfriend a couple weeks before Christmas,” the synopsis begins. “Emory tells her editor she is planning to spend Christmas alone in a cabin in Pine Bluff, and her editor convinces her to write a story while she is there. Widower Scott Hays (Van Winkle) picks up his adorable daughter Katy (Raven Stewart) from school, where a single mom named Alice (Sarah Smyth) extols the virtues of spending Christmas in the mountains, in the village of Pine Bluff.”

Of course, Katy convinces her dad to take her there for the holiday, even making a Christmas-themed activity to-do list for them. Scott only agrees because of one, he loves his daughter, and two, he’s able to convince his mother Marilyn (Teryl Rothery) to join them once it’s a bit closer to Christmas.

christmas getaway cast
Travis Van Winkle and Bridget Regan go on a little “Christmas Getaway” in their new Hallmark Channel movie. Kailey Schwerman/Crown Media

“Upon arrival, both Scott and Emory are given keys to the same cabin, an obvious mix-up,” the synopsis continues. “But once they learn there are no more cabins available and a snowstorm is setting in, they agree to share the large cabin, at least until Emory can leave the next day.”

Things end up working out for Emory when she discovers the to-do list Katy and her dad are working on, which she decides is perfect for the story she has to write about an American Christmas. Emory joins them for just one activity, but then can’t help but continue to help them with their list.

“A couple of times during the trip, Scott and Katy meet up with Alice and her son, Katy’s friend from school, and while Alice would like to get something started with Scott, he is simply not interested in her that way,” the synopsis shares.

Unfortunately, Emory sees the two of them together and assumes they’re either currently a couple or on the verge of becoming one. It doesn’t help matters when Emory overhears Scott telling his mom that Alice is not for him, only she assumes he’s talking about her. Upset, Emory leaves the next morning.

Luckily, her editor has her back, both professionally and personally, and tells her that she needs to go back and tell Scott how she feels. She listens, heads back up the mountain, but then gets stuck in the snow. Things turn out more than okay, though, when Scott arrives to save her and to tell her his true feelings, too.

“Christmas Getaway” premieres on Hallmark Channel tonight (Dec. 23) at 8 p.m. EST.