Danielle Panabaker makes her Hallmark Channel return, while Matt Long makes his network debut, in the Countdown to Christmas premiere of “Christmas Joy.”

When the movie airs on Saturday, it will be the “Flash” actress’ first appearance on Hallmark since 2014’s “Recipe for Love.” As for Long, this is his first rom-com since starring in “Sydney White,” with Amanda Bynes, in 2007. For both of them, it’s their first Christmas movie. So, let’s see what it’s all about.

“Joy Holbrook (Panabaker) is an intuitively intelligent market researcher in Washington, DC with a keen eye on her company’s top account and about to garner a sweet promotion, just in time for the holidays,” the synopsis begins. “Just as Joy is capturing the attention of the account’s CEO Poppy Weatherton (Gabrielle Rose) of the legendary department store Weatherton’s, Joy receives a phone call from her beloved Aunt Ruby’s best friend back home in the small farm town of Crystal Falls, North Carolina. Ruby (Beverley Elliott) has broken her ankle and needs surgery.”

She heads home to take care of her aunt, despite the timing not being ideal for her career. While at the hospital, she runs into her former crush, Ben Andrews (Long), who happens to be the hospital administrator. When Joy learns that her aunt won’t be able to set up Crystal Fall’s legendary annual “Cookie Crawl,” she decides to help in her place.

christmas joy synopsis
Danielle Panabaker and Matt Long star in Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas Joy.” Crown Media / Eike Schroter

“Ben attempts to ‘co-captain’ Joy, explaining there’s a lot of ground to cover in just six days... [and] Joy begins to wonder what she’s gotten herself into,” the synopsis continues. “Back in DC at her office, Joy’s boss isn’t thrilled to hear she will be out for several days, especially with the big company holiday gala approaching.”

Joy’s asked by her firm to take on some extra responsibilities after they lose the Weatherton account, but she pushes back because of her aunt. Her boss isn’t too pleased and threatens her job, asking her to really think about her choices. Joy doesn’t have time to think about all of this though, because the Cookie Crawl is days away and she needs help. Luckily, Ben agrees to do give her that.

“As they plan, decorate and bake, they reconnect – and feel a spark – though Ben hesitates and pulls away from a kiss, making things awkward” the synopsis reveals.” Joy briefly returns to DC to attend the Gala, but is distracted with thoughts of Crystal Falls (and of Ben) whom she sees makes a surprise appearance but leaves abruptly – and now won’t return her calls. Just a day away from the Cookie Crawl, a near disaster brings Ben to her door to help, and Joy makes an important realization.”

When Joy gets quite the offer from Poppy Weatherton, she has a life-changing decision to make.

“Christmas Joy” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 8 p.m. EDT.