Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas is almost here, but there’s still one more Fall Harvest premiere for everyone to enjoy first. “Love, of Course,” starring Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison, airs Saturday night and also features Makenzie Vega and gymnast Gabby Douglas.

Aside from joining as co-host of the network’s “Home & Family” this year, this is also Mathison’s third Hallmark movie in 2018. As for Rutherford, she’s currently playing Melissa Daniels on “Dynasty” and is filming Freeform’s new series, “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.”

This will be the second Hallmark flick for Vega, whose sister is fellow network star Alexa PenaVega, after her first one, “The Beach House,” earlier this year. When it comes to Douglas, not only will she be making her Hallmark debut, but this will also be her first movie role where she’s not playing herself. It’s also her biggest role to date.

love of course full cast
Hallmark’s “Love, of Course” debuts on Saturday and is the final Fall Harvest premiere of 2018. Crown Media

With all of these actors coming together, here’s what you can expect from “Love, of Course,” Hallmark Channel’s last Fall Harvest flick of 2018.

“Formerly an accountant, Amy (Rutherford) has loved being a full-time mom ever since her daughter Cara (Vega) was born,” the synopsis begins. “When she wasn’t heading up the PTA or being a Girl Scout leader, Amy was chaperoning school dances, but raising her daughter by herself for the past six years after her husband’s death was not part of the plan. Now 18-year-old Cara is about to head off to college in Oregon, leaving her mom in Los Angeles to face the empty nest alone.”

While dropping her daughter off at school, Amy can’t help but enjoy the pretty campus and the handsome man who seems to be tending to it. The first time she sees him, he’s pushing a wheelbarrow across a campus path, but the second time, he’s helping her pick up few things she accidentally dropped. He introduces himself as Noah (Mathison) and quickly begins to tease Amy about her daughter’s stuffed bear that she can’t let go of. Noah’s seen a ton of parents unable to handle dropping their kids off at school and is seeing it again with Amy. Embarrassed by his comment, she heads off to Cara’s dorm room.

“Amy’s a whiz at organizing and while Cara and her roommate Maddy (Douglas) are off having fun, she whips their dorm room into tip-top shape, then goes to Sheri’s [Sadie LeBlanc] house,” the synopsis continues. “Her friend, who is also Director of Administration, remembers Amy’s event planning skills from their sorority days and asks Amy if she’d like to help plan the college’s Harvest Festival. The event has been losing money the past few years because the professor of environmental sciences, who’s been running it, has always put the emphasis on Harvest and not on Festival, causing attendance and sponsorship to drop.”

love of course synopsis
Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison star in Hallmark’s “Love, of Course.” Crown Media / Steven Ackerman

Not wanting to upset her daughter, Amy says she’ll only agree to the job after clearing it with Cara. But, first, she wants to meet this professor that’s not doing a very good job of setting up the festival. Lo and behold, it’s none other than Noah, the man she’d met earlier. His name is Professor Noah Ferris, to be exact.

“With Cara’s approval, Amy agrees to work on the Harvest Festival, and together she and Noah develop a playful rapport,” the synopsis shares. “She shows him the fun of bowling pumpkins, and he shows her the art of properly harvesting apples. Then, while choosing the festival band, the two wind up in a romantic dance and the sparks between them begin to fly.”

Their connection only grows stronger and when Amy’s offered a permanent job at the school, she thinks it’s the perfect way for her and Noah to really be together. Unfortunately, he often switches schools and has actually just been offered a position in Australia. Will he accept the new role, leaving Amy and Oregon behind, or realize everything he wants is right where he is?

Find out what happens when “Love, of Course” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 8 p.m. EDT.