Hallmark Channel’s newest June Weddings premiere, “Love at First Dance,” starring Becca Tobin and Niall Matter, premieres Saturday night.

Tobin joined the Hallmark family with last year’s “A Song for Christmas” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, but now she’ll be making her debut on the original network, Hallmark Channel, with this movie. Matter, on the other hand, kicked off his Hallmark career in 2016 with “Stop the Wedding” and has been in a few movies on the network, as well as its show “When Calls the Heart,” since then.

In this new flick, “Hope Mayes (Tobin) dreamed of becoming a professional choreographer, and now teaches dance routines, including wedding dances to engaged couples,” the synopsis begins. “When her friend Cassidy (Bethany Brown) gets Hope a coveted ticket to a show to see her dance, Hope meets Manhattan man about town Eric Gunderson (Matter), and is not impressed with his entitled attitude.”

Turns out, she hasn’t seen the last of Eric. She’s shocked when she finds out that the new clients she picked up happen to be Eric and his fiancée and business partner Adriana (Cecelia Grace Deacon). Though Adriana apologizes for his recent behavior, Hope isn’t too happy about this situation. It gets worse when she quickly realizes that he’ll need a lot more work on the dance floor than Adriana.

love at first dance hallmark
Becca Tobin and Niall Matter star in “Love at First Dance” on Hallmark Channel. Crown Media / David Owen

“Because of their business obligations, Eric agrees to train with Hope three times each week while Adriana picks up the slack at work – an investment banking firm their respective fathers recently handed down to them,” the synopsis continues. “Hope and Eric make amends for their bad first impression, and bond over their common interest in the creative arts. Eric, in fact, recently backed the play that Cassidy performed in, and dreams to have producing as part of his career someday.”

As the two continue to train together, Hope decides to try some unusual methods to improve Eric’s dancing skills. To get him out of his head with the moves, she brings him along to a wedding of one of her other clients. The two dance there, as well as in a pond in Central Park later on.

“The pair grows closer as they train and go to wedding planning meetings that Adriana is too busy with work to attend,” the synopsis reveals. “Hope opens up about calling off her own engagement a year before, and her struggle to decide between following her dreams applying for an assistant job for master choreographer Vanessa (Emily Holmes) in London, or taking over the lease on the dance studio for the current owner Sophia (Veena Sood).”

The two push each other to follow their true dreams, with Eric encouraging her to apply for the choreography position and her encouraging him to go after an opportunity of producing a play he’s interested in.

“Despite her studio loan approval, Hope decides instead to pursue the choreography job,” according to the synopsis. “Eric joins her at the audition for moral support. Inspired by her pursuit of her passion, he decides to pursue his own and produce the play, but Adriana and his father talk him out of it.”

Hope gets offered the job in London, while Eric receives pressure from Adriana and his dad to stop putting any focus on producing. When Hope says goodbye to Eric, he realizes he must decide what will truly make him happy — both romantically and professionally.

“Love at First Dance” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.