It’s just about halfway to Halloween, and while the rest of the world is celebrating all the spookiness and horror that go along with the holiday, Hallmark Channel continues to celebrate all the love that comes in the fall season.

Pumpkins and leaves might be present, but the only scariness involved in the six Fall Harvest original movies is the scariness of falling in love. Also, some might be feeling the horror of the fact that we’re now halfway through Hallmark’s Fall Harvest programming event.

The fall movies began on Sept. 23 with “Falling for Vermont,” and then have continued every Saturday since with “Harvest Love,” and “All of My Heart: Inn Love.” Now, the fourth one, “Love Struck Café,” will premiere on the network on Saturday.

The new film stars beloved Hallmark actor Andrew W. Walker, who has starred in many Hallmark movies and shows, including two movies with Arielle Kebbel, “A Bride for Christmas” and “Bridal Wave,” the 2014 film “Wedding Planner Mystery” with Erica Durance, the series “When Calls the Heart” and many other Hallmark films. He was in two others just this year, plus Saturday’s, and he also has a Christmas movie with Bethany Joy Lenz, “Snowed Inn,” coming out this year, too.

love struck cafe hallmark
“Love Struck Cafe” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Oct. 14. Hallmark Channel

Starring opposite Walker in “Love Struck Café” is Hallmark newcomer, Sarah Jane Morris. While she might be new to the network, she’s had a lot of acting experience in the TV world, with her main credits including the role of Annie Callahan on NBC’s recently-canceled “The Night Shift” and as Julia Walker in “Brothers & Sisters.” Now, she’s adding Hallmark Channel TV movie to that list.

Walker will play the role of Joe Wainwright and Morris the role of Megan Quinn. While love is, of course, on the horizon for the duo, it’s all about how the two find their way there that matters most. And that makes for the most romantic and fun TV movie.

Here’s the synopsis for this new Hallmark romance:

Megan Quinn has a lot going for her. Her boyfriend, Philip Carter (Casey Manderson), has just been named one of Chicago’s Ten Fastest Rising Legal Stars. Sure, he’s a little full of himself, but he’s just ambitious – nothing wrong with that. And granted, Megan is still a customer service rep at a real estate company instead of the architect she has dreamed all her life of becoming but that’s about to change. Megan has just been handed an important assignment by her demanding boss, Jordan St. Clair (Ben Wilkinson), and if she is successful, she will earn her shot at becoming an architect for the firm. The only drawback is the assignment itself – she is to return to her hometown of Cedarvale during Apple Festival week and convince Frances Figgins (Dolores Drake) to sell her beautiful lakeside property so that a mall can be developed there. Dead set against the development, Mrs. Figgins has been unwilling to budge.

Upon arrival in Cedarvale, Megan is quickly roped into filling in for her dad at Rosie’s Café for the week, which is their family business started by Megan’s mom who passed away a few years ago. Before long, Megan is surprised to run into Joe Wainwright and his adorable seven-year-old daughter Lily (Cassidy Nugent). They were high school sweethearts, soulmates who knew they would spend the rest of their lives together; until Joe suddenly and without explanation broke up with Megan a week after she left for college.

Megan solicits Joe’s help in convincing Mrs. Figgins and, as they spend more and more time together, Megan and Joe come to realize that whatever it is they shared all those years ago has never really gone away.

When Megan’s boss arrives in Cedarvale to close the deal with a still-reluctant Mrs. Figgins, Megan realizes what needs to be done to make both Mrs. Figgins and her boss happy, and get the deal done. And when she finally learns the real reason Joe broke up with her Megan sees what she has been missing, where she belongs and realizes how you never really get over your first love.

Although Joe and Megan have a lot of history, it seems like it’s not too late for them to figure out that what they had was special and worth fighting for.

“Love Struck Café” premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.