“Wedding of Dreams,” the sequel to Hallmark Channel’s “Summer of Dreams” that premieres on Saturday, reunites original stars Debbie Gibson and Robert Gant. While the first flick aired as part of the network’s Summer Nights event in 2017, this new movie is not part of any Hallmark special programming and will be airing between the Summer Nights and Fall Harvest events.

In this sequel movie, pop singer Debbie Taylor (Gibson) is happy to be teaching music at an Ohio high school, dating guidance counselor Noah Burns (Gant) and living close to her sister Denise (Pascale Hutton) and niece Natalie (Lauren McNamara). Despite being a teacher now, Debbie’s still thinking about her own singing and comes out with both a viral video, “Only in My Dreams,” and a follow-up hit single “Wonderland,” which she wrote with her students for their prom. To top off this great life that she’s living, Noah proposes to Debbie.

“But Debbie’s simple bliss is about to get complicated when she stops ignoring calls from her longtime manager Ray (Ken Tremblett),” the “Wedding of Dreams” synopsis reveals. “It seems LA’s top radio station wants to do a phone interview, and while Debbie reluctantly agrees, she doesn’t mean to accidentally agree to sing ‘Wonderland’ on primetime TV’s hit show ‘Platinum Star.’ Unsure if she’s ready for pop stardom again, and with wedding plans still unsettled, Debbie decides she’s up for the challenge, encouraged by Noah, who tells her she’s got more energy than anyone he knows.”

wedding of dreams synopsis
Robert Gant and Debbie Gibson co-star in Hallmark Channel’s “Wedding of Dreams.” Crown Media / David Dolsen

Stressed out with so much happening in her life, Debbie hires wedding planner Sarah Rice (Sarah Edmondson), who just so happens to be Noah’s old classmate. Sarah shows the engaged couple the Hawthorn House as a possible wedding venue, and Debbie, distracted when she’s told she’s needed in Los Angeles the following day, says yes to the place. The main issue now? The only opening is just three weeks away.

“Leaving the catering decisions to Noah and Sarah, Debbie soon finds herself at the ‘Platinum Star’ studio,” the studio continues. “Already nervous, she really gets the jitters when Ray tells her a tour promoter is there. Still, like the pro she is, Debbie delivers a stellar performance to wild applause, but opts out of a party with industry bigwigs to study bridal magazines. She also checks in with Noah and feels a pang of jealousy over Sarah being the one to help him pick the bridal menu. Their conversation leaves Debbie feeling unusually disconnected from Noah, which is so not them.”

Debbie returns home to her family and to Noah, happy to be focusing on the wedding once again. Her return home might be short-lived, though, because Ray asks her to come back to perform on the show three days before her wedding. Noah tries to be supportive, but he asks her if her heart is with him or with her music. “The answer is simple, yet complicated,” the synopsis explains. “Like she tells her students, ‘What’s life without a little risk?’ And maybe her heart is big enough to risk handling both.”

Find out how Debbie decides to juggle it all when “Wedding of Dreams” debuts on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.