Ahead of Hallmark’s “Nature of Love” premiere, the film’s lead actress has revealed that she was pregnant during its production. Emilie Ullerup, who plays Katie Ryan, opened up about the experience in two recent interviews.

“I was four months along which made it way more tricky for everyone involved,” the star told Parade. “I had to have a body double for any wide shots as I was showing. I had to hold a lot of purses or my hands in front of me to camouflage the bump. You could make a drinking game out of the movie: any time you spot the bump you drink. You may actually never see it though, I’m not sure.”

Furthermore, Ullerup told MediaVillage that her growing belly required her to have a stunt double perform some of the more of the action-packed scenes.

"It took a lot from [production] to hide my pregnancy," the "Chesapeake Shores" actress explained. "But I'd worked with the crew previously and they are awesome. In the first draft of the script, they had me rock climbing and all these crazy things. But they did say if I wanted to do [the film] they'd adjust things and get a body double, so it wasn't as crazy. Every wide shot you see in the movie is not me and all of the adventure stuff, also not me. It's just movie magic at its best."

The “Sanctuary” actress, who birthed her baby boy in January, also shared her husband Kyle Cassie’s reaction to discovering her co-star would be Christopher Russell.

"I always do my research," she shared. "When I found out Chris was playing opposite me, my husband and I looked him up and we were both like, 'That is probably the most beautiful man we've ever seen.' My husband was an actor, so he gets it, and that makes it nice. Does he love the scenes where I kiss other men? No, they're not his favorite but he's pretty cool with it all. Chris and I had about three days to get to know each other before we had to kiss. It's weird when you have to do it on day one -- it's like, 'Nice to meet you, let's do this.'"

In “Nature of Love,” Ullerup’s Katie is tasked with writing a magazine article on a glamping resort. The character finds herself out of her comfort zone and into the arms of a rugged outdoorsman and nature guide named Will, who is played by Russell. 

Tune in to the Hallmark Channel premiere of “Nature of Love” on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.

Nature of Love" Hallmark Spring Fever Emilie Ullerup and Christopher Russell star in “Nature of Love.” Photo: Courtesy Johnson Production Group/Luba Popovic