As new season seven episodes of “When Calls The Heart” debut, the answer to whether or not there will be a season eight remains unclear. Pascale Hutton, who plays Rosemary Coulter, and My Devotional Thought’s writer Ruth Hill discussed the mystery at hand.

“Another thing we don’t know for sure is if there will be a season eight, but we can hope for another season of When Calls the Heart,” Hill said to Hutton. “I know they’re leaning in the direction of another season, but everything is uncertain now. Hopefully, the fans will keep coming out and supporting the show. So if a season eight does happen, what are your hopes for Rosemary?”

Hutton’s Rosemary, “the town’s loveable busybody once described as ‘part Broadway showgirl, part Frontier woman’,” is married to Kavan Smith’s Leland “Lee” Coulter.

“I think we’ve seen in season seven, you see Lee and Rosemary try to move on and find value in their life without children, which is what it is at this particular moment,” Hutton explained. “I would like for there to be at some point in season eight for the two of them to find more resolution on that topic. Whether that’s moving ahead and adopting a child or whether a miracle happens and they are able to conceive. Or whether they find something else that they’re able to be equally passionate about and invested in that doesn’t involve a child. I just really think that we need to see the two of them consciously make a decision to move towards something on that topic. And that’s what my hope is for season eight.”

Furthermore, Hutton teased some drama regarding the Coutlers that will be revealed in season seven.

“As I believe Hearties saw earlier this season with the life and death challenge of Rosemary getting very, very sick with the chickenpox, I will say that their challenges don’t end there as we venture forward into the final couple of episodes,” she teased.

The Hallmark frontier drama also stars Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton, who is a single mother and widow. Her character is a school teacher, who is trying to reclaim her life after her husband’s death, in a town named Hope Valley. Other stars include Kevin McGarry’s Mountie Nathan Grant and Chris McNally’s Lucas Bouchard, a mysterious gambler.

A new episode of “When Calls the Heart" premieres on April 19 at 8 p.m. EDT.

When Calls the Heart
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