It’s no surprise that there’s going to be a lot of bacon in the Hallmark Channel film “You’re Bacon Me Crazy.” A dash of romance can also be expected when tuning into the premiere. Lead actor Michael Rady revealed how the two came together to form his upcoming movie.

“[You’re Bacon Me Crazy is] a real book that they turned into a real movie,” said Rady during his latest interview on the podcast Deck The Hallmark. “So Hallmark has this new partnership with Scholastic books they’re taking published property from Scholastic Books and... they’re adapting them adult audience for Hallmark.”

The Susan Nelson novel-turned-film centers on Natalie Hall’s Cleo and Rady’s Sam, who are located in Portland, Oregon. The film is a part of Hallmark’s Spring Fling programming.

“The premise of it is these two food truck pilots… they wound up falling in love, of course,” Rady explained. “They both become involved in this food truck competition in Portland and then the winner gets a $100,000. And over the course of that competition we kind to meet and fall in love and live happily ever after.”

The bacon branding stays pretty consistent throughout the film right down to the titles of the food trucks.

“Mo’ Bacon is the name of my truck, which is a real food truck they found in Vancouver to use for shooting,” Rady revealed. “It’s really called Mo’ Bacon. They’re like ‘This is perfect. We’re not going to change the name of it. Mo' Bacon it shall be’”

The meat-filled atmosphere was a bit out of Rady’s comfort zone given that he’s a 15-year vegan, but he encourages fans to “enjoy the movie.”

The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” star also enjoys a number of other Hallmark movies. His favorite film that he starred in on the network is “Two Turtle Doves.”

“It was pretty dreamy,” Rady said about the holiday film, which also stars Nikki Deloach.

To see more of Rady’s Hallmark “magic” tune into the premiere of “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.

"You're Bacon Me Crazy" Hallmark Spring Fever
Natalie Hall and Michael Rady star in “You’re Bacon Me Crazy.” Hugh Tull/Crown Media