Halloween, that most cherished of pagan holidays, is a time-honored excuse to party. More specifically it’s an excuse for revelers to get intoxicated and dress up in frequently provocative or gruesome, occasionally political and sometimes funny costumes.

But the real unsung heroes of Halloween are not the roving bands of drunk men and women who take over the streets at night, or even the adorable children who mistakenly believe the night is about ghost stories and trick-or-treating. No, the real heroes are the pets.

Year after year, the beloved non-human members of our families endure extended discomfort and public humiliation, all for our amusement. In honor of their selfless acts of sacrifice, here are the top 10 Halloween pet costumes.

10. Vampire Kitten

9. Pumpkin Dog

8. Monster Cat

7. Chia Pet

6. Lion Dog

5. Pirate smuggler(s)

4. Cat Goat

3. All Terrain Armored Transport

2. Lancelot

1. Honey Boo Boo

And finally, la crème de la crème: a Honey Boo Boo Child costume for your dog. To learn how to dress up your dog like the infamous child pageant star, check out this video.