A store in Norway has issued an apology after receiving several complaints from customers who were offended by their method of getting into the Halloween spirit.

Europris, a Norwegian discount store, stuffed their meat freezers with packages containing fake severed, bloody limbs. The items were wrapped in plastic to resemble the meat one would normally buy at their local store. The packaging -- which was labeled with the name of a fictitious butcher company called “The Chop Shop” -- also had fake nutritional information, Oddity Central reported.

Naturally, the shop received numerous complaints from parents who said the realistic-looking gag horrified their children.

“What we have here is very extreme, especially as it is next to the children's fancy-dress costumes,” Kjellaug Tonheim Tonnesen of Barnevakten, the Norwegian children’s council, told the BBC. “The body parts are covered in blood and packaged to look like meat in a fridge. Many children think it's scary."

As a result, Europris announced it would be removing the fake bloody limbs from its stores.

"We have received some complaints about some of [the] Halloween products,” said Knut Spæren, purchasing manager for Europris, according to Digital Journal. “We obviously never wanted to offend anyone, but realize that we made an unfortunate decision when we took in these products and have therefore chosen to withdraw them from the market with immediate effect. We hope that you can forgive us for the mistake, and wish everyone a good Halloween celebration!"

The fake-blood-soaked prank from Europris prompted outrage online. According to the Daily Mail, Facebook user Mona Urfjell wrote: "There's no doubt my children would have been terrified if they'd seen this in the shops. I think it's such a shame that we have an American tradition so violently forced down our throats."

Another Facebook user, Ivar Larsen, chimed in: "Who the hell could allow such things? Do we not have enough violence in the country without these kind of crazy people bringing such things into the shops."

This isn’t the first time somebody has landed in hot water for going too far this Halloween. As the Huffington Post reports, Brooklyn, N.Y. homeowners Joyce Draganosky and Laureen Callo sparked outrage for their macabre Halloween decorations on their front lawn, which included a doll on an operating table, dolls hanging from trees and a doll with a knife through its head.