Season 2 of AMC's "Halt and Catch Fire" will come to an end Sunday night with "Heaven is a Place." The episode will have even greater significance for loyal viewers as the hour could be the series' last if AMC decides not to renew the computer the drama -- an outcome that seems likely considering the critically acclaimed show's struggling ratings. What will happen in the season's final episode? 

According to the synopsis, Joe (Lee Pace) and Gordon (Scoot McNairy) will team up one more time. Last fans saw of Joe things were not going well for the would-be visionary. After self-sabotaging the Westnet presentation, Cameron (Mackenzie Davis) dealt a crippling blow to Joe's career and his marriage when she tricked him into introducing the Sonaris virus to the West Group's servers, crashing their system. Apparently Gordon thinks he might have a way to help Joe get back on his feet.

However, Gordon will have his own problems to deal with as the synopsis further teases that the Clark family will be in disarray in the finale. With Gordon's deteriorating mental health weighing on the family and the secret of his affair in California still lurking in wait, the ingredients are all there for a major blow up between Gordon and Donna (Kerry Bishé). Will their marriage survive the season?

Finally, according to the synopsis Mackenzie will be forced to envision a new plan for Mutiny's future and a sneak peek video for the episode reveals what is forcing her hand. Mutiny has a new network partner, leaving Joe and West Group behind, but the new company is playing the same rate raising game. Cameron wants more control over her own company's destiny. What will she do to get it? 

Watch the sneak peek video for "Heaven is a Place" below:

However Season 2 ends, the finale will likely be the curtain call for the series. "Halt and Catch Fire" was renewed for a second season amid much debate over whether the show deserved another shot. AMC took the gamble, but with Season 2's ratings peaking with the premiere at just over 650,ooo viewers and averaging only about 500,000 viewers over the past 10 weeks, the outlook does not look good for a third season. 

How will Season 2 end? Fans will have to wait to find out. "Halt and Catch Fire" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on AMC. 

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