Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 opens in less than 8 hours! This is the final installment in the Harry Potter film series, and it is a bittersweet moment for Potter fans.

Countdown clock:

As Harry Potter fans impatiently wait for the opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the creator of Harry and the wizard world, J.K. Rowling, announced something new for Potter fans. Diehard fans were invited into a new virtual Potter world with the new Web Site 'Pottermore.' In late June, Rowling announced Pottermore as a free website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books.

13 years ago, the first Harry Potter Book was published, and the seventh book and eighth film have been completed, however Potter fans have been just as eager to explore Pottermore as they were to read the series or watch the films.

For Potter fans, the book isn't simply a book of wizards and spells, magic and wand duels. It is a glimpse into a world muggles can only dream of. The main characters face real issues concerning family and friends, but also face funny scenarios like casting a spell on our enemies so that they grow a pig's tail.

Throughout the books and films, the Harry Potter fantasy has stayed consistent and clever. Rowling took care not to leave readers curious about a particular subject; it seems from the first moment she scribbled the first Potter words in that coffee shop, she knew what Harry Potter's fate would be.

Pottermore will be available to the public as of October, but on July 31, the site will include information on how a few fans can have the chance to enter Pottermore at an early date.

Tonight however, is when it all ends and we want you to be with us, sharing your memories about the Harry Potter books and films. And to make the countdown more fun for us all, as we try to hold back out tears, here is a movie quiz for you fans. See answers at the bottom of the article.

1. Harry and Dumbledore visit Horace Slughorn at a muggle residence. What type of blood does Slughorn splash on the ceiling in an attempt to make it look as if he had been kidnapped?

a.) Goat blood b.) Dragon blood c.) Unicorn blood d.) Hippogryph blood

2.) Where does Harry end up when he apparates to the Burrow?

a.) In a pond b.) On the doorstep c.) In the tool shed d.) Miles away from the Burrow

3.) Ron estimates that Dumbledore's age is about:

a.) 100 years b.) 125 years c.) 150 years d.) 175 years

Answer #1: b; #2: a; #3: c