• "Hawaii Five- 0" will come to an end with Season 10, episode 22
  • Steve will play a big role in the finale
  • Danny will be badly wounded

“Hawaii Five-0” Season 10, episode 22 will be the last for the long running TV series. The show will end with a story about Danny (Scott Caan) getting badly wounded and in need of a quick rescue after being abducted.

A preview video of the finale has been released online. Instead of focusing on the thrilling plot, the video focuses on the smiles and hugs of all the characters, as the show will come to an end with this last story. Even though the preview ends with the two agents walking off into the sunset on horseback, they will have to face a challenging time before they can do that.

According to the plot synopsis of the next episode, Danny will be badly wounded by Wo Fat’s wife after being abducted. Wo Fat’s wife will be after the cipher that Steve’s (Alex O’Loughlin) mother left for him.

Steve will play a central role in “Hawaii Five-O” Season 10, episode 22. He will be able to solve the 10-year-old case that his father left him, and the preview pictures of the next episode show him playing a role in Danny’s rescue.

The action packed episode will get all the agents in protective gear and they will be prepared to take out their enemies with machine guns. Although Danny will be badly wounded, the preview pictures tease him walking away from the crime scene with Steve’s help.

With the TV series coming to an end, some of the cast members appeared in a video that has been released online to talk about their favorite moments from the TV series. The actors looked back at their journey and recalled some of the highlights of their respective characters’ journey.

“Hawaii Five-0” Season 10, episode 22 is titled “Aloha.” It will air on April 3 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Hawaii Five O The team will solve new cases in "Hawaii Five-O" Season 10. Photo: Hawaii Five O/Facebook