‘Hawaii Five-0’
What will happen to McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) in the upcoming episodes of “Hawaii Five-0” Season 8? CBS

“Hawaii Five-0” Season 8 will soon reveal McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) fate.

In the previous season, Steve McGarrett was poisoned, but executive producer Peter M. Lenkov clarified that it wasn’t their intention to kill off the character. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he explained, “Everybody assumed we were killing him off and it was like the last season, which was absolutely not on anybody’s mind. Clearly it shows that he’s mortal, and it’s going to affect his legacy of what he wants to do post-being a cop,” he said.

Lenkov also talked about Danny’s (Scott Caan) plans to put up a restaurant in Season 7. This was something that he discussed with Steve. “Danny had talked about opening that restaurant, that’s going to be a part of the arc this season of them deciding whether that’s a real viable option for the two of them, to maybe have a retirement game plan in mind down the road,” he said.

Meanwhile, “Hawaii Five-0” underwent a cast shakeup before the filming for Season 8 started. Daniel Dae Kim, who played the role of Chin Ho Kelly for seven seasons, has decided to exit from the series. His TV cousin, Grace Park, who played the role of Kono Kalakaua has also left the franchise.

But Ian Anthony Dale, who plays the role of Kono’s partner, Adam Noshimuri, has been upped to series regular status. The actor admitted that it’s bittersweet to have been promoted but not share the screen with Park.

In an interview with TV Line, Dale said, “I had six seasons playing on-screen with Grace and we’ve grown very close. But we continue to be friends and she was completely supportive of me joining the cast as a regular. There’s going to be a bit of an adjustment period that happens, but fortunately I have roots in Hawaii, I have history there and close friends within the remaining cast and crew. I’ve been there twice now for the new season and it feels a bit like going home in a way. I’m excited to see what the season has in store for my character.”

“Hawaii Five-0” Season 8 will premiere on CBS on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. EDT.