Girls Cast
HBO confirms its hit series "Girls" for a third season. HBO

Not long after its season two debut, the HBO hit drama “Girls,” has been renewed for a third season.

The much-anticipated season two of “Girls” debuted Jan. 13 and will consist of 10 episodes, three have aired so far.

HBO announced Jan. 25 that the next generation “Sex and the City” series has acquired a third season that will consist of 12 episodes, according to the New York Observer.

According to HBO, it was the show’s massive following, which “already exceeds a gross audience of 3.8 million viewers with only partial data available,” that attributed to its continued run.

The show follows 20-something aspiring writer, Hannah Horvath as she attempts to navigate her personal and professional life in New York City after her parents cut her off financially.

The show’s creator, Lena Dunham notably also serves as its main character and recently won two awards at the Golden Globes; for best lead actress, and the show won for best television comedy or musical series.

Dunham recently spoke with actor, Alec Baldwin for his podcast “Here’s The Thing” and also confirmed that there will be a season three of “Girls” that will soon start production.

‘We’re starting season three at the end of March. I’m so excited,’ the 26-year-old said, according to the UK’s Metro TV.

Dunham detailed to Baldwin that while she’d love to have the seasons of “Girls” be longer, she has already become accustomed to her production schedule.

“I would love that. I don’t want to, like – I don’t have any desire in doing, like, you know, a 22 episode – I don’t even understand how someone does the 22 episode marathon,” she said.

“I think that a little more would be just a little more storytelling real estate and it would be amazing. But you know, so I shoot four-and-a-half months out of the year, then I’m editing, then I’m doing press, then I’m writing, then I’m back.”

Producer, Judd Apatow also hinted back in November that “Girls” would see a season three.

"We're about to shoot the third season of 'Girls.' Season 2 starts in January," he said in an interview with the Hot Button at the time.