Heather Locklear offers surprisingly odd, unconventional anti-aging advice. Reuters

Do you want to know the secret to Heather Locklear’s graceful aging?

Well, she warned the TMZ reporters who asked the 51-year-old actress that question that they don’t want to know.

In an on-camera interview, a reporter asked Locklear, who has a 15-year-old daughter, for some alternative skin-care products instead of generic skin cream, to which Locklear said through a smile: “You just put semen on your face.”

She does look great, and there has been research suggesting that, yes, sperm has anti-aging benefits, specifically, spermine, an anti-oxidant found in semen that’s said to get rid of wrinkles and smoothen out the skin.

Better book your next spermine facial soon. (Yes, they exist.) Now that Locklear has let the cat out of the bag, spas might get a little bit more busy or offer a new service.

Watch the interview below: