On Monday, the murder trial of heiress Tiffany Li began in Redwood City, California. Accused of killing Keith Green in 2016, Li was reportedly motivated by an inclination that custody issues may arise pertaining to the children they shared.

According to the Los Angeles Times, prosecutors revealed to a packed courtroom that Li conspired with her boyfriend, Kaveh Bayat, to kill Green. The DA's office said that they plan to present jurors with evidence that Li lured Green to her home and then Bayat shot him in the garage of her San Francisco Bay Area mansion.

Prosecutors stated that they believe Bayat eventually shot Green in the mouth, shattering a tooth in the process, per KPIX-TV. They then stated that Li and Bayat spent time "creating alibis for themselves." Additionally, they allege that Olivier Adella, a mutual friend of Li and Bayat, then disposed of Green's body after being paid $35,000. Green's watch was also allegedly recovered at Adella's apartment.

Li's defense states that they believe Green was killed by Adella alone due to a failed kidnapping plan. They also asserted that investigators ignored certain pieces of evidence in order to place blame on Li and Bayat.

Adella previously had planned to testify that the two suspects had asked him to dispose of Green's body, but San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has now said that they do not plan to call him as a witness. The reason behind the about-face has not been publicly shared at this time.

Green's body was eventually recovered on a dirt road two weeks after meeting with Li to discuss custody issues regarding their children.

Li is the daughter of an affluent real estate agent, and the heiress has been out on $35 million bond leading up to the commencement of the trial. As of now, Li's co-defendant remains in custody on $35 million bail. As reported by Oxygen, the trial is expected to last about two months.

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