Any Comic-Con attendees walking around the main floor in San Diego on Sunday may have had the opportunity to get a picture with a particularly dedicated cosplayer (person in costume) wearing a realistic mask of "Heisenberg," Walter White’s alter ego on “Breaking Bad.” What most people didn’t know, though, was that it wasn’t just a fan under that mask, but Bryan Cranston himself.

To put it another way, Bryan Cranston was walking around Comic-Con dressed as his own character, wearing a realistic mask of his own face.

Cranston revealed the ruse at Sunday’s "Breaking Bad" panel, where he stepped up to the Hall H stage wearing the mask before revealing his identity to the crowd’s applause. Cranston said he had been out getting pictures with fans, disguising his identity further by speaking “in a higher register,” EW reports.

Cranston’s co-star Aaron Paul said in response to the prank that Cranston was "the most professional person I’ve ever worked with but also the most immature man I’ve ever experienced, as you can tell. Which is a beautiful combination."

It seems Cranston’s Heisenberg cosplay didn’t come cheap, either. According to a “Breaking Bad” fan site, the hyper-realistic Heisenberg mask Cranston wore was custom-made by Landon Meier (also known as Hyperflesh) in Denver for the price of $3,000. That’s a lot of effort to go through for a joke at Comic-Con, but it looks like Cranston is dedicated (and loaded) enough to go through with it.