hannah montana reunion
There was a “Hannah Montana” reunion recently. Disney Channel

There was quite the Disney Channel affair over the weekend. That event was none other than “Hannah Montana” star Jason Earles’ wedding.

The 40-year-old actor wed Katie Drysen over the weekend, and there was no shortage of fellow Disney Channel alums in attendance.

Emily Osment shared a photo from Earles’ wedding with Moises Arias, Phil Lewis, and George Newbern, reminding fans that they all starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Dadnapped” together. Earles was also in the film, but is not seen this photo with them. Surely he had other things he had to do at the moment. It was his wedding, after all.


Casual Dadnapped reunion! Happy wedding day @realdukeofearles, we love you!

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While this counted as a “Hannah Montana” reunion, as well, becuse Arias and Osment were both in the series with Earles, it made more sense to turn the photo into a “Dadnapped” picture since there were more members of the cast.

“Casual ‘Dadnapped’ reunion!” Osment captioned the photo. “Happy wedding day @realdukeofearles, we love you!”

Perhaps if the noticeably-missing Miley Cyrus was able to make an appearance at the event, the caption would’ve been different or multiple reunion photos would’ve been taken, but, alas, she was not there. Her non-attendance could possibly be attributed to the “unrealistic schedule” she mentioned on Instagram, which was the reason she said she was unable to make it to the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night.

While it would’ve been nice to see Cyrus at the event with her fellow “Hannah Montana” co-stars, the wedding still had plenty of Disney actors to go around.

One of those actors, former “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” star Lewis, decided to post the same “Dadnapped” photo to his Twitter account. He also included a picture of the cast from around the time the movie first premiered, turning it into a then-and-now snapshot.

Later on, the 25-year-old “Young & Hungry” actress posted one more photo from the event. This time it featured Arias alone, making an interesting face while holding up a camera. In the caption, she simply wrote in the description, “stunner.”



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Arias and Newbern have yet to post their own photos from the wedding on social media. Also absent from the social media game is Earles himself. Though, he doesn’t update his Instagram too often and his last shot was of his then-fiancé, Drysen, back in February.

His wife, on the other hand, posted a wedding photo to her Instagram, featuring herself and Earles kissing by their wedding cake. The latter apparently being the only reason she went to the wedding, she teased in her caption.


I only came for the cake ___

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“I only came for the cake,” she wrote.

Somehow, that doesn’t seem likely.

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that back in July she posted another photo of the two of them, explaining how excited she was to “get to marry this man soon.”


I get to marry this man soon _

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Well, that day finally came and it looks like the happy couple had a great time, as did all of the Disney Channel guests who helped celebrate the duo’s nuptials.