The ubiquitous Android mobile platform is facing another security issue, involving the chatty AI assistant platform Google Assistant and an Android-powered smartphone. Android users have already been warned about the newly discovered Android security bug that could seriously damage your Android-powered smartphone.

The latest Android security bug was first reported by Android Police reporter Artem Russakovskii. He confirmed, in his Official Twitter account, that the new bug is causing screens to freeze after the user mentioned, “Hey, Google.”

Russakovskii noted that the latest security bug is caused when a user tries to communicate with their Google Home device. After “Hey, Google” was mentioned, the smartphone stopped running and refuse to switch off. As the Android Police reporter said earlier, the new bug can cause serious problems such as inconvenient battery drain as well as some burn-in issues on LED-based devices.

The latest Android security topics on Reddit also described similar situations in which user has asked their Google Home device a question, only to find out that their smartphone was still wide awake and ready to accept a command or hear a question.

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The most recent security bug is, apparently, more prevalent in the Google Pixel devices. However, the Android Police reporter noted that OnePlus and Essential phones have also suffered similar issues. Google has not made any official confirmation about the latest security issue and it has yet to acknowledge the existence of the security bug.

In the meantime, while waiting for the tech giant’s security update, try this quick guide from Google’s official support page. So, how to fix the latest security issue?

First, you need to switch off the "Access with Voice Match" tool on your Android phone and, then, touch and hold the Home button. In the bottom right of the screen, tap the "Explore Your Stuff" icon.

On the top right of the screen, look for your profile picture, tap it and, then, head to the Settings and go to the Assistant. Tap the "Assistant Devices," under the "Assistant Devices" option, select your device. Finally, turn off access with Voice Match.

Android users can still use Google Assistant on their phones even if they already turned off access with Voice Match. They only need to touch and hold the Home button on their devices.

Meanwhile, Android users are strongly advised to check their Android phone if it’s nearby with another Android user, who is talking to a Google Assistant-enabled device.

Android users only need to worry about this latest security bug if they own multiple Google Assistant devices. However, if they just own one Google Home product and one Android phone, then, they are completely safe.