Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is set to be perhaps the biggest event of 2018, and the positive effects from it won't just come from the Royal Family gaining another new member.

According to a Reuters report, the royal wedding between Harry and Markle will also bring a big boost to the British economy, as many are expected to flock to the UK in anticipation of the May 19 nuptials. British families are also expected to celebrate the wedding too, which can also reportedly give the country's economy a further boost.

Citing the Office for National Statistics, the report indicates that Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding in April 2011 also led to a boost in British economy, as 350,000 more visitors came to the UK in that month than did the year prior, and a similar surge should be expected to happen again come May.

In total, the wedding is expected to boost the economy around 500 million pounds, of $680 million, between amounts spent by tourists and British families alike.

According to sources, the breakdown of where the money will come from is:

  • 200 million pounds from tourism, travel and hotels
  • 150 million pounds spent by people having parties and celebrating
  • 50 million from people buying T-shirts, hats and other commemorative items
  • An additional 100 million from free advertising for Britain around the world

The wedding is expected to draw such fanfare because Harry, who is currently fifth-in-line to take the throne, is not only Queen Elizabeth II's grandson, but the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, who was beloved by the people, and who's death in 1997 shocked everyone.

In addition, there is great interest in his choosing Markle to be his bride, as she is not only the first American to be joining the royal family since Wallis Simpson, but she is also famous in her own right, as a former actress. She also identifies as biracial, which has been seen as another sign of progress for the royal family.

However, while many have been celebratory about the upcoming nuptials, and are likely still celebratory over what the wedding will mean for the country, some still aren't overly impressed by Markle, as a petition which calls her "unsuitable" is still making the rounds online.