Google's new Digital Wellbeing suite includes a set of tools that will help users get the most out of their handsets by encouraging them to spend less time staring at the screen and more at what matters most. Recently, the tech giant released six new experimental apps that could very well be included in the suite if successful.

These new apps are very simple and are designed to do just one thing: Get people off their phones. They come pre-loaded in all Android 10 handsets, Android Authority noted. They are also available for some devices powered by Android 9 Pie. Here's a quick look at each of them:

We Flip

This simple app silences phones with just one flip. It has a nifty feature that helps groups spend less time tapping and more time talking with each other: groups of friends who use the app only need one person to flip a switch to turn all phones present into silent mode. It will then display the amount of time the group spent without using their phones when one member flips his device back on.

Unlock Clock

This app uses a live wallpaper that displays a counter that keeps track of the number of times a user unlocks his phone. It also displays the time on the screen, so that users who only need to know the time can see it without unlocking.

Desert Island

This app lets users select the apps that are most important to them and locks all other apps for a full 24 hours.


This app allows users to choose the apps they need for specific activities on any given day. It then locks out all other apps during the set activity. It's a pretty useful tool for users who won't mind spending the time tweaking it.

Post Box

This app allows users to set the time when they want to be notified, and silences the device at other times. Users who want to be notified of things only in the morning or during lunchtime, for example, can set it so that the tool will hold all notifications that would otherwise catch the user's attention when he doesn't want to.

Paper Phone

This tool lets users print necessary details they normally get from their phone so they can leave it at home. Need directions to a certain location via Google Maps, or a list of contact details from the phone? This app prints them on paper.

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