Amanda Bynes has had enough of the paparazzi altering her photos.

On Thursday, in a short clip captioned "Paparazzi," the 33-year-old took a moment to talk about self-worth and opened up about how she feels petrified any time she finds a picture of herself online. Although paparazzi photos typically are not edited, she described what made her come to this conclusion.

"Whenever I see a paparazzi photo, the majority of the time I look nothing like myself," Bynes shared. "I'm talking 16 chins, face looks completely different, and it's an all-around terrifying experience."

She added that just the thought of the altered images had her fighting back tears but she was able to continue on and explain her reasoning behind making the video recording.

"I wanted to post this video so people know that I'm just like you. I want to look my best," the actress continued. "Of course, I can take an unflattering shot but the amount of unflattering shots that I see online, I know that my photos are being photoshopped."

"I don't look like that in the photos that I take or when I look at myself in the mirror," she concluded.


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Bynes didn't dwell on the paparazzi issue for very long. About an hour later, she posted a video and proclaimed her love for when her fiancé, Paul Michael, talks in a baby voice and then proceeded to talk in hers.

In the subsequent Instagram post, which Bynes said she wasn't going to post, she left a message for her soon to be husband. Using a low rough sounding voice, similar to that of a young child, she said, "I love you. You're so sexy. Your baby voice is so sexy. You're my baby, I wuv you."

The former Nickelodeon star announced her engagement to Michael on Valentine's Day.

"Engaged to the love of my life," she wrote alongside a picture showing off a massive rectangular-shaped rock.

Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes is pictured at her court appearance on July 9, 2013 in New York City. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images