Joaquin Phoenix walked out of an interview when asked about the on-screen violence in his upcoming movie “Joker,” which tells the origin story of the clown prince of Gotham.

During his recent interview with The Telegraph, the 44-year-old actor left the room after being told that his movie might give a license to the exact kind of people it is about. The interviewer also noted that it can result in many potential tragic activities.

The actor was left stunned by the question and walked out of the room where the interview was being conducted. “Why? Why would you…? No, No,” Phoenix said before abruptly leaving the interview.

It is believed that the “You Were Never Really Here” star returned to finish the scheduled interview after having a word with an agent from Warner Bros. and director Todd Phillips. But throughout the published story, Phoenix failed to provide an answer to that question.

Apart from getting rave reviews from everywhere, some critics noted that violence in the movie could provide a stepping stone to such people who are looking to create problematic situations in the society.

Fictional violence has influenced a lot of real-world crime in recent times. Who can forget the violence that occurred during the showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012? At least 12 moviegoers were killed and 70 were left injured in Colorado. A gunman opened fire in the theater and called himself the “Joker” when interrogated by the police.

Meanwile, the recent news comes after Phillips said in an earlier interview that the actor stunned his “Joker” co-stars by storming off the set without even saying a single word.

“In the middle of the scene, he’ll just walk away and walk out. And the poor other actor thinks it is them and it was never them – it was always him and he just wasn’t feeling it,” Phillips said.

Despite the violence in the movie, “Joker” have seen a lot of rave reviews pouring in. Critics praised Phoenix for his performance and noted that he might get an Oscar nomination for his menacing portrayal of the diabolical clown.

The movie won the “Golden Lion” award at the recently concluded Venice Film Festival, and this increased the excitement of the fans prior to the movie’s nationwide release.

“Joker” is scheduled to hit theatres on Oct. 4.

Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" movie does not follow the comics. Warner Bros./Nikos Tavernise