A family’s pet dog is being hailed as a hero following a fire at a home in Savannah, Georgia.

The dog, Sammy, has been credited with saving five people by barking in the house when the fire broke out at the rear of the home. There were no reported injuries. 

The blaze began Friday morning at about 1 a.m, according to WCJL, an ABC affiliate in Savannah.

While Sammy was able to help the family survive the fire, another dog and two cats did not survive the blaze.

“Firefighters tried but were unable to revive them,” Savannah Fire Rescue said in a statement.

Fire officials believe that a deep freezer was the cause of the fire, which consumed the two-story house. The damage caused by the fire extended to an apartment complex located behind the home.

Sammy's breed and age have not been disclosed.

Sammy's heroics come days after an 8-year-old Toy Australian Shepherd named Sundance helped save a family from a burning home in Abilene, Texas.