Reports have been claiming that the fate of the show rests on whether or not producers can find someone to replace one of their lead actors. However, it appears the cast of "Lethal Weapon" is willing to say goodbye to their FOX series if Clayne Crawford isn't a part of it going forward.

Rumors broke earlier this week that both the network and producers of the hit series are scrambling to find an actor who can replace Crawford in the role of Martin Riggs, after initial reports that the actor was exhibiting bad behavior on set, and others connected with the show have reportedly stated they would rather not work with him. It has been reported that Crawford's continued participation in the show is leaving it without a guarantee of a season three renewal, hence the decision to reportedly fire him.

However, one person from the show at least is sticking up for him--his co-star, Hilarie Burton.

The former "One Tree Hill" and "White Collar" actress took to Twitter to reveal how much she cared for Crawford, revealing all of the qualities she loved about him in the process.

"I have a multitude of kind words about @ClayneCrawford! That guy greeted me on my very first day and has been a friend ever since," she wrote. "When I couldn't find childcare while I was working, he had his wife and kids take care of Gus. He shows up early. He knows his lines. He pushes to make every scene its best. I've watched him fight on the behalf of other people. And a good leader isn't afraid to be a bad guy."

"The pace at which a show like "Lethal Weapon" shoots doesn't always allow for constructive conversations to be warm and fuzzy," she continued. "But it's my experience that Mr. Crawford genuinely cares about the well-being of every member of the cast and crew. Clearly, he's upset someone that turned to the media. And in defending him I may also upset that person. But standing up for someone who has been good to me is something I believe is the right thing to do. So yes, I'm a fan of Clayne Crawford."

Crawford responded to Burton's post by re-tweeting it with the message "It's hard to stand up in this business, thank you!"

Damon Wayans has also voiced his support of Crawford on his own Twitter account, re-tweeting fans begging FOX to reconsider any decisions to fire him.

Crawford previously took to Instagram to discuss two incidents he was involved with on set during the show's sophomore season.

FOX is expected to reveal a decision in regards to the series' fate during their upfronts presentation on May 14.