If your mouth didn’t just hit the floor (all the puns intended), then clearly you didn’t just watch the last few minutes of the Season 4 finale of BET’s “Hit The Floor.”

The drama wrapped up its eight-week summer run with an explosive finale that made it seem like everything was going to be just fine for Devils Nation — Eve’s (Tiffany Hines) plot was foiled and Pax (Cort King) went back to being on the “good” side. Kyle (Katherine Bailess) and Beau (Jared Farid Ward) found out they’re having a baby. Derek (McKinley Freeman) and London (Teyana Taylor) were packing to go off on a vacation. German (Jonathan McDaniel), Lionel (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) and Eve decided to all be together, and the Devils won their game, allowing them to continue on as a team in the league. Then, everything came crumbling down.

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“Hit The Floor” Season 4 aired its finale on Tuesday on BET. Ron P. Jaffe/BET

Shortly after London was seen in a closet with Pastor Curtis (Terrence J), the show cut back to that closet to find the pastor now dead on the floor. On top of yet another “Hit The Floor” death, there’s another scandal to go with it. Jamie (Kyndall Ferguson) seemingly leaked Noah’s (Kristian Kordula) audio recording about German and Derek fixing the score of one of their games to a news outlet, which led to the outlet reporting that “this is the end of the Los Angeles Devils.” After Derek, Jude (Brent Antonello) and co. worked all season trying to keep the team alive, this one move ruined it all. “There will be a new team in Los Angeles next season, you can bet on that,” one of the voiceover news reporters said.

“Hit The Floor” hasn’t been renewed for Season 5 yet, but star Freeman told International Business Times that he, the other actors and the writers created “a season that we’re proud of, and [they’d] like to come back and do it again.”

While he’s “absolutely clueless” about where the next season would begin “because there are so many different directions” it could take, he’s sure that it wouldn’t take long for creator James LaRosa and all the writers to figure it out. One of the things he’d be excited to find out about, though, is the pastor’s death. He “absolutely” doesn’t know who did it. “Nobody knows that,” he told IBT, but he’s looking forward to hopefully finding “out like the rest of the national television [audience].”

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McKinley Freeman as Derek in a Season 4, episode 4 scene of BET’s “Hit The Floor.” Ron P. Jaffe/BET

To gain more insight into what that crazy “Hit The Floor” Season 4 finale will mean for everyone inside Devils Nation, as well as what a possible Season 5 could bring, IBT spoke with the show’s creator, LaRosa.

International Business Times: With Eve siding with the Devils at the end, what did Jamie get out of leaking that audio? It ruins both the basketball team and the dance team, so why did she do it?

LaRosa: She and Pax were almost parallel stories of what can happen to anyone, and Pax gets tempted and pulled and, ultimately, is able to kind of stay more true to, for lack of a better word, his good side. Jamie, this is really her origin story this season, of how it can turn you the other direction. She started off being a bit more kind of a girl-next-door with a little bit of an edge. She definitely wasn’t a pushover, as she said. She made some decisions that were for her benefit. But, by the end, I think she’s really feeling hurt and destructive…We basically saw her unravel.

By the end, she’s really just pissed. I mean, she put all her eggs in Eve’s basket, and Eve wasn’t able to pull through. The Devils were ultimately stronger together than Eve was, and you really see Eve take a turn at the end of the episode and Jamie take an even bigger one.

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Kyndall Ferguson as Jamie in a Season 4, episode 7 scene of BET’s “Hit The Floor.” Ron P. Jaffe/BET

IBT: So, German, Lionel and Eve, they’re a throuple now?

LaRosa: It would seem, right? “Hit The Floor’s" first threesome couple. It’s our first throuple, there you go. We would be exploring what — I mean, they each have very unique relationships with each other, amongst each of the couples, and none of them really seem too willing or prepared to give that up, so they thought, well, you know, God bless Lionel. She’s the idea girl. And we try to do things on “Hit The Floor” that aren’t expected and also maybe you don’t see a lot of, in general. I think that would be the relationship that would be interesting to explore.

IBT: What can you tell us about Pastor Curtis’ death? Can you tease a little bit about that?

LaRosa: The pastor is someone who, obviously, figured into London’s recent life in a big way, and she moved on. He, over time, revealed that he’s less and less able to move on. So, the last time we see them together, you know, he’s approaching her in a locked room in a way that doesn’t seem super consensual and comfortable, and next time we see London, she seems slightly off, but maybe not. And she’s with Derek, who’s like, “Have you been here the whole time?” “Sure.” How convincing is that? And, if you look closely at that scene and the stuff that follows, not everybody — we didn’t see everybody before that. So, there could be something that happened in that room with London, but… things are unusual with ‘Hit The Floor’ and maybe she was there...maybe someone else was.

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Terrence J as Pastor Curtis in a Season 4, episode 2 scene of BET’s “Hit The Floor.” Ron P. Jaffe/BET

But that was a very fun scene to film because we cleared the set and sent everybody home, and so the cast didn’t even know it was going on. And, of course, Terrence J was completely into it. As anyone would be. Who doesn’t want to be the big surprise? It was interesting to film.

IBT: Were you nervous to end on some big cliffhangers since the show hadn’t yet been renewed by BET?

LaRosa: Was I nervous? You know, on a show like “Hit The Floor,” we always have these sort of like big endings, and I always have a choice, every season, to [have it that way or not], and that’s the question I ask myself every single time. I have to do it because you never want to leave anyone in the lurch. You never want to be that [show] where you’re like, ‘Well, they really left us on that [expletive] up note.’ It’s hard to do a show like this and get bound by that. So, for me, it was more important to be true to the story, to get the biggest bang that I could that would affect the most people, and there’s always a little risk in this business. So, it was a risk I was willing to take.

IBT: Do you already know what you’d want to happen in a Season 5?

LaRosa: Oh my God, yeah. Season 5 is already — I absolutely know what Season 5 is. A hundred percent. And that’s actually why I have to take that chance every single season. I’m writing toward the next season, in the season before. That’s just how I work, and I think that’s how the show works well.

I already know what Season 5 looks like and that whole [ending] was really a set-up for that.