“Hit The Floor” is switching networks, from VH1 to BET, and has a few cast changes, but it’s still the same dance-and-drama-filled show that fans know and love.

Before Season 4 of the series premieres on Tuesday night, though, let’s get you reacquainted with it and what’s to come. It has been a year and a half since viewers last got a new episode, after all.

One of the biggest concerns for longtime “Hit The Floor” lovers seems to be that not many of the stars of the first three seasons will be returning for these 2018 episodes. Creator James LaRosa wanted to help clear the air about that and reassure fans that they will see many familiar faces.

“Some people were off doing different things, some people had priorities that shifted, so really gathering the crew back together was an incredible challenge,” LaRosa told International Business Times. “And, fortunately, we got so many of the characters that people love back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a full house. The network was definitely hoping certain people would come back. I was definitely hoping certain people would come back.”

Although not all of the original cast is back, many fan-favorites are returning, including McKinley Freeman (Derek Roman), Katherine Bailess (Kyle Hart), Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Lionel Davenport), Brent Antonello (Jude Kincade) and Jonathan McDaniel (German Vega). Logan Browning (Jelena Howard) and Dean Cain (Pete Davenport) will also be making guest appearances.

hit the floor s4 cast Check out the cast of “Hit The Floor” Season 4. Photo: BET Networks

Since not everyone is in the new season, there are some past relationships that won’t be able to be explored as much as LaRosa would’ve liked them to be. Like Jude and Zero’s (Adam Senn) Zude and Derek and Ahsha’s (Taylour Paige) Dersha. Although LaRosa “absolutely” would’ve wanted to explore different “Hit The Floor” relationships more, he’s excited about what this new season allows him to do.

“What that gave us the opportunity to do is create a few new characters with totally different energy and throw them in Devils Arena with our returning cast,” he told IBT.

The new cast members taking on those fresh Season 4 “Hit The Floor” characters are Teyana Taylor (London Scott), Kyndall Ferguson (Jamie Lawson), Tiffany Hines (Eve), Cort King (Pax Lowe) and Kristian Kordula (Noah). Terrence J., Erika Jayne and Tank will be guest-starring.

With all of the “players in place,” that’s when LaRosa said it started to get really for fun him. He started weaving together how all of the characters would interact and what ways their storylines would intersect.

According to the logline and trailer (watch above) for the Season 4 premiere episode, all of the characters will kick things off with a whole lot of drama.

A return to Devils Arena finds a dynasty in crisis. Devils owner Jelena Howard (Logan Browning) sets on rebuilding the team, while Devil Girls captain Kyle (Katherine Bailess) auditions new dancers, and the competition is fierce. The fates of several relationships are revealed, and new ones are sparked. And a loss hits Devils Nation hard.

“Hit The Floor” Season 4 premieres on BET on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT.