htf derek german finale
McKinley Freeman (Derek) and Jonathan McDaniel (German) from a Season 4, episode 4 scene of “Hit The Floor.” Ron P. Jaffe/BET

From new players and new dancers to new enemies and new lovers, it seems like this season of “Hit The Floor” has had it all. Well, there’s still a bit (read: A LOT) more drama to come when the Season 4 finale airs Tuesday night, and creator James LaRosa and star McKinley Freeman (Derek) gave International Business Times the scoop about it all.

Freeman told IBT that what fans can expect from the episode, titled “Final Seconds,” is the same kind of “thing that they’ve come to expect from all the episodes, but especially the season finales from the previous seasons, which is the more questions that are answered, the more questions that remain unanswered.”

He continued: “There’s a lot of things kind of coming to a head. You’ve got the whole Eve’s [Tiffany Hines] angle and storyline and then Pax [Cort King] and Derek and German [Jonathan McDaniel] kind of sorting some things out on the side… So, it’s just really interesting.”

The “Hit The Floor” Season 4 finale sees the Devils needing a win against their biggest opponents, Miami, in order to continue on as a team. Devils Nation is on the line in the episode, but so are many different relationships — both romantic and platonic.

One of the romantic relationships that seem to be in a good place, as of last week’s episode, is the one between Kyle (Katherine Bailess) and Beau (Jared Farid Ward). Derek married the two of them at a beach wedding, and it seemed like they were in a great place and nothing could rock that. But, nothing’s easy in the world of “Hit The Floor.”

“There’s always something that goes on,” LaRosa told IBT. “The ‘fun’ for them… is she’s married to somebody who she absolutely loves, and he doesn’t have two pennies to rub together. And, so, Kyle is going to have to deal with that. She has the love, and she’s had the incredible sex since Beau’s been back, and she had this really beautiful ceremony, [but] they’re still poor. And it goes against her nature. The good news is is that they’re both clever and perhaps Kyle might be able to reach her goal quicker with Beau. Who knows? Or she’s gonna have to get used to [this] life.”

Aside from learning more about Kyle and Beau’s new married life, viewers will get to see more of that fight between London (Teyana Taylor) and Jamie (Kyndall Ferguson). After a season of mental attacks against each other, the most recent episode ended with the two of them getting physical. It was just a quick couple shoves between them in the locker room before the episode wrapped, but that’s not the full scene.

hit the floor london jamie finale
Teyana Taylor (London) and Kyndall Ferguson (Jamie) from a Season 4, episode 5 scene of “Hit The Floor.” Ron P. Jaffe/BET

“The fight [in episode 7] is like, ‘Oh, come and check out the fight,’ but really, that’s the start of the fight, but the bulk of the fight is when we come back,” LaRosa said. “We don’t just go, ‘Oh, they have a little shove,’ and then we come back and [it’s over]. The bulk of the fight is still to come. And that was very fun to shoot. Teyana and Kyndall are actually friends.”

And that’s just where the episode starts out.

The final scenes will bring “all this crazy stuff that’s happened this season to a very specific end,” Freeman said. According to him, it’s an ending that’ll have fans saying, “Holy [expletive].”

See the explosive Season 4 finale of “Hit The Floor” when it airs on BET on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT.