It’s been almost a year and a half since we last got a new episode of VH1’s “Hit The Floor,” and a lot has changed. For starters, the show has found a new home on BET. Beyond that, there will be new cast members joining the roster of returning favorites. 

Because of the long hiatus, which ends when Season 4 of the dance drama premieres on July 10, International Business Times asked “Hit The Floor” creator James LaRosa to help catch fans up on what their favorite characters are up to now.

Here’s a breakdown of some teases, scoops and spoilers for different “Hit The Floor” individuals and relationships, straight from LaRosa:

Derek (McKinley Freeman) and Ahsha (Taylour Paige)

“We definitely don’t leave fans hanging,” LaRosa told IBT about their relationship, which fans have been wondering about since learning Paige wasn’t returning. “So, for anyone who goes, ‘Wait a minute, I saw them hop on a plane, what happened,’ that’s not something that we would burden our fans with. In fact, Derek, and everyone who returns are influenced by sort of what has gone down since we’ve last seen them.

“Season 4 picks up a year and a half after the last time we saw everybody. It’s a bit of a jump, but not really. It’s happening in real-time. So, what has been going on? How did we get here? It allowed us an opportunity to kind of reposition characters and also introduce a few more, in ways that I think will surprise the audience.”

Lionel (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)

“Lionel is single and ready to mingle.  And she’s doing so very successfully,” the creator explained about the character post-divorce. “Lionel is someone who has always had a bit of pressure on her, whether it was the Pete [Dean Cain] situation or the Oscar situation. And she’s always been able to shoulder it. She’s a tough woman. In this season, we get to see a different side of Lionel. Somebody who is having fun, frankly.”

lionel htf Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Lionel in BET’s “Hit The Floor.” Photo: Courtesy of BET Networks

“Where we find her is actually, thanks to the divorce, she is now running Inside Sports Network, ISN. So, ISN, which has had a bit of a presence on the show in the past, now becomes a central sort of component. Lionel gets to be boss lady.”

Oscar (Don Stark)

“That is a have-to-watch,” LaRosa said about finding out about what Oscar’s up to since there’s been no announcement of Stark returning. “I think that what is great about this show, that I enjoy about it...we really respect the history of the show. We don’t have storylines that just sort of vanish and don’t come into play at some point.

“We’re not like other shows where we just throw a lot of stuff at you and dazzle you and confuse you and raise all these questions and then just go, ‘Well, thanks for watching.’ So, whatever questions you may have, they will be answered.”

Kyle (Katherine Bailess) and Beau (Jared Farid Ward)

“I will tell you that you will get an answer to that question,” he shared about if we’ll learn more about Kyle and Beau’s relationship. “I’m choosing my words carefully.

“Kyle’s storyline is so fantastic, just from the start of the show. She’s a very ambitious woman, she doesn’t take [expletive] from anybody. But she’s a girl’s girl. She’s not out to keep anybody else down, even the guys that she ‘grips,’ she is still sort of their fairy godmother. She always leaves them better than how she found them. She’s a wonderful character, and now she’s in a position of power with the Devil Girls. She’s in charge. So, we get to see the Devil Girls — like, what does that look like under someone like Kyle. And we don’t ignore the fact that she had this relationship and experience with Beau. You’ll have to see Season 4 to see what kind of romantic hijinks she gets into because where Kyle Hart goes, trouble always follows.”

kyle htf Katherine Bailess as Kyle in BET’s “Hit The Floor.” Photo: Courtesy of BET Networks

Jelena (Logan Browning)

“I will say that where we find Jelena is in a couple of positions that she’s not totally used to,” LaRosa said when asked if Jelena’s still taking care of Raquel’s (Valery M. Ortiz) kid. “But we know that Jelena is a take-no-prisoners, fierce creature. It’ll be fun to see how Jelena adapts to a couple of situations that aren’t really things she planned for. Jelena’s entire life is by design, so it’ll be great to see how she handles some obstacles and things she can’t control. It’s fun to see Logan play her in a way that’s still Jelena, but it’s a slight evolution.”

German (Jonathan McDaniel)

“I can say that German has always been a wildcard character, in that the first time we saw him, he was the supportive boyfriend in the face of the razzle-dazzle of Derek Roman,” LaRosa teased German’s return. 

“He lost Ahsha to Derek and in protecting Ahsha, ended up having his life completely shattered with the Olivia incident. He was shanked by Chase, he went to prison, he wanted to die, he asked Derek to kill him, Derek said no — like, he’s been through hell. So, thanks to Raquel, who covered for him, it got him out, so he was like, ‘I need to just basically — I need to start over. I need to see what life has to offer me now because it isn’t Ahsha anymore.’

htf german 2 Jonathan McDaniel as German in BET’s “Hit The Floor.” Photo: Courtesy of BET Networks

“That is going to be the question, ‘Who is this German that shows up?’ Because he’s seen some things. And I think that German will come back in a way that the audience will not be expecting, in a way that I think is fun for Jonathan McDaniel.”

Chase (Rick Fox)

“That would be a have-to-watch,” LaRosa said about if Chase went to jail for stabbing German or not.

Now that you’ve got a little scoop on what’s to come for a lot of the “Hit The Floor” characters, find out more by watching the Season 4 premiere on BET on July 10 at 10 p.m. EDT.