• "Hitman 3" is now available on various gaming platforms
  • There are different types of assassination that players can execute to take down targets
  • One is by making the targets' deaths look like an accident

There are lots of opportunities for accidental kills in the Dubai part of "Hitman 3," including a creative way to assassinate both Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant. Players can sabotage their parachutes as they try to flee the Burj Al-Ghazali in Dubai. To do this, players must first retrieve the evacuation keycard to trigger the emergency protocols of the targets.

How To Retrieve The Dubai Evacuation Keycard

While in the penthouse area of the Burj Al-Ghazai, players can overhear some guards talking about the evacuation procedure. This includes a couple of panels being activated in quick succession to activate the lockdown. To locate the evacuation keycard, players should check the third-floor security room, which is just across the conference room.

The guard will be cycling in and out of the room but will take a phone call at some point. In that phone call, he will discuss the lockdown procedure as well as the code of the evacuation card and its location. It turns out the keycard is held in a safe that can be accessed using the number combination 6927.

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As soon as players get the keycard, they can go to the penthouse at the top of the Burj and trigger the evacuation sequence. There are a couple of keycard readers in the penthouse positioned on separate floors, so players should quickly run between these readers to activate the evacuation.

Other Details

For players who find it hard to locate the readers, they can use Instinct Vision, which is CTRL on PC or R1/RB on consoles. Through this, they would see the wire that connects the two keycard readers. Before activating the evacuation, players should first incapacitate the chopper pilot on the helipad. They must also sabotage the emergency parachute using a kitchen knife. If players do not have a kitchen knife, there is one located next to the chopping board in a nearby lounge.

After swiping the keycard on both readers, the building will be placed on a high alert. The two targets will then begin their evacuation sequence. All the guards will rush to protect them and escort them up to the top floor where Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant will use their parachute. Players can now use a kitchen knife to sabotage their parachutes. For an easy kill, they can also place banana peels at the edge of the platform where they will jump.